29 Parts of the Home Insurance Policy You Should Look At

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What are the key important things you should look for when purchasing a home insurance policy? 

Do UK home insurance companies give you the opportunity to investigate various things they cover in their home insurance policy?

In this article, you will discover the various parts of the building insurance policy you should carefully study before placing your money on the line.

Here are the 29 factors we look at to determine star ratings in a home insurance policy of a UK company:

  1. Maximum sums insured
  2. Standard excesses
  3. Accidental damage cover
  4. Valuables single item limits
  5. Legal expenses
  6. Personal possessions cover
  7. Money and card cover
  8. Set-up, adjustment, renewal and cancellation fees
  9. Voluntary excess discount
  10. No claims discount options
  11. 24-hour emergency helpline
  12. Alternative accommodation
  13. Owners/occupier personal liability
  14. Subsidence cover
  15. Mobile phones cover
  16. Home emergency cover
  17. Burst and blocked pipes
  18. Outbuildings cover
  19. Garden cover
  20. Home emergency repair guarantee
  21. Keys cover
  22. Freezer cover
  23. Deeds and documents cover
  24. Residential care cover
  25. Students cover
  26. Gift cover
  27. Business equipment cover
  28. Pedal cycles cover
  29. Special events

What are the things covered in house insurance?

A typical house insurance policy in the UK covers the cost of repairing damage to the structure of your property. Garages, sheds and fences are also among the things covered in your buildings insurance policy.

Your insurer will also bear the cost of replacing items such as pipes, cables and drains. It doesn’t matter if the loss or damage was caused by fire, explosion, storms, floods, earthquakes, etc.


The maximum sums insured by home insurance companies in the UK differs from one insurer to another.

When shopping for your home insurance policy, it’s important you find out if the insurer has a 24-hour emergency helpline. If you can’t get your home insurance quote online with ease, it’s an indication that such a company is not innovative.

Most home insurance companies in the UK now outsource their insurance call answering services to a professional virtual assistant who will always be on the ground to respond.

What is the average cost of buildings insurance?

When you use a good buildings insurance calculator from a reliable UK insurance company, you will discover that their buildings insurance cost is around £146 per year.

In Australia, their average home insurance cost differs from one state to another, depending on if you want to purchase insurance for the building alone or the building and contents.


Here’s the average home insurance cost in Australia, state by state 

Australian statesBuilding & ContentsContents onlyBuilding only
Average costs$112.38$37.29$92.71
Source: Finder.com.au
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