3 Kinds of Insurance Clients You Don’t Need

Kinds of insurance clients you do not need
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In an attempt to keep an insurance client many insurance companies and agents bend a lot of rules. While this is good to retain a client, it might backfire on you at the long run, especially when another person takes over the management seat.

Instead of keeping an insurance client who does nothing but cause you pay – we call them “customers from hell” – you are better off letting them go.

However, the big question is; how do you know the type of insurance client you do not need in your company? If you are in that situation right now where you are contemplating whether to let go of an insurance client, we are here to help you.

1. Insurance Client That Is Always Rushing You

Most insurance clients don’t create plans for themselves. Or maybe they do but they often fail to factor another person’s schedule into their own plan. So to them, they buy a new property today and they want you to process all the insurance coverage document same day without minding if you have other clients you are working on their job.

To save yourself some stress, remind such insurance client that you are busy and book an appointment of the best time you will get back to them – stick to it when you do.

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At the early stage you might want to bend your rules to take a new client but if you don’t see the client changing any time soon, please, for your own good, ditch them and move.

2. Insurance Client That Pays Late

Some insurance clients have the habit of paying late. While you might want to condone them at the beginning, your insurance company or job may tank if you don’t take action to stop them.

If you find yourself dealing with a company as your client, the first step you will take before saying goodbye to the insurance client is to stop talking to the accountant and speak to senior decision maker in the company about their outstanding debt to your company.

The above might be a good option but if it does not work the next to do is to notify them they will be taking legal action against them if nothing is done to that regards.

After you have recovered your money and you don’t seem to notice any changes in the client’s attitude, it is time to call it quit.

3. Insurance Client That Has No Courtesy

Because an insurance client bought a policy with your company doesn’t give them the impetus to insult your staff at will. Hell no!

If an insurance client has proven himself to have no manners, there’s no point keeping him. Let him go.

You can entertain impatient from an insurance client but when it gets to that point that insults you and calls you unprintable names, it will be more dangerous trying to retain such client. Let him go.

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Here’s why it is not every insurance client you must work…

The psychological damage those negative words will have you even when the client is no longer there might negatively impact on how you treat the next insurance client waiting. So, why hold on to a bad client and ruin your relationship with good clients that have regard for the services you are offering him?

How To Keep Insurance Clients Forever

The most guaranteed way to keep insurance clients satisfied with your company is to prevent problems from starting. This is why some of these auto insurance companies we listed earlier can boast of retaining majority of their clients for decades.

How do you keep an insurance client forever?

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Simply do the following:

  • Discussing their exposures: Do not leave them in the dark. Be transparent as possible.
  • Identifying appropriate policies: If the policies your insurance company offer are not exactly what they need, let them know. You may lose the sale but you’ve won their trust forever.
  • Finding budget-friendly deductibles and limits: Whatever you can do to help them save cost, do it.
  • Recommending suitable endorsements: Always have someone reliable to recommend if yours isn’t what will be of most benefit to them.
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