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3 Simple Hacks to Sell More Insurance Than Your Competitors

How to sell more insurance using 3 simple hacks
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What does super sales insurance experts know that an average insurance agent don’t know?

Professional insurance agents know how to get you interested about having insurance coverage, convince you of how much you are losing for not having one until now and get you to pay whatever amount they bill you and you will still go home feeling excited.

How to sell more insurance using 3 simple hacks

It’s magical but that’s why such professional insurance salespersons are always x10 ahead of their competitors.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling car, home, life or health insurances, as far as you know these 3 simple hacks we are about sharing with you here, you can sell more insurance in a week than your competitors are selling in 6 months.

Often times a lot of people ask questions like, “How do I sell more insurance? How do I get my prospect interested in my offer?

How can an insurance agent sell more insurance without losing in pricing? What if my prospect try knocking me off with offers from another insurance company that’s obviously better than mine?”


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These and more are some of the questions on the minds of many insurance experts out there which we shall be addressing today in simple 3 subheads.

Educate Your Audience Before You Sell

The power of education based marketing can never be overemphasized. One of the fastest ways to get the Know, Like and Trust factor needed in selling any product or service effortlessly in the insurance industry is to educate the prospect first so that they can make a well-informed decision.

Why insurance agents should educate their prospects before selling to them…

A good number of people who desire to get an insurance coverage know nothing about how insurance works. It’s your responsibility as a professional insurance salesperson to educate them before selling to them.

As much as you can, use simple words and illustrations to explain to them how buying an insurance today can save them money in the future and also secure their future. And please, don’t forget to inform them of the down side of it.

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Ask Powerful Questions

Asking questions is powerful way to break barriers, the insurance industry not excluded. When you ask your prospect the right questions, it will empower you to know the areas they need help most and how you can repackage your offer so that you will have lesser resistance.

Often, some of the common questions we encourage professional insurance salespeople to ask include:

How was your last claim experience? What annoyed you most about your last claim experience? What can you say was wrong with the last insurance company you bought your car insurance? How much does it cost to buy a new car in future, assuming something happens to your current car and there’s no insurance to cover that?

The essence of asking all these questions is to better help you understand your prospect better than your competitors do.


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Focus on Your Benefits

No matter how good your insurance policy is, if it doesn’t present so much benefits to your prospects, you are wasting time. Trust this, you will run ads in vain.

Anyone buying whether life, travel, home, auto or health insurance has one thing in their mind: to save money and not risk their future.

As a trained insurance agent, it’s your responsibility to know all the salient benefits clients stand to gain for choosing your insurance over that of your competitors.


Don’t overpromise and underdeliver. If you do, it will come back to haunt you. Only say what your insurance agency can afford to do.

Are there other sales hacks you or a company you know has been using to get more sales? Please, share with us in the comments below.

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