Allianz Travel Insurance Review

Allianz Travel Insurance
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Going on a trip? It is important to get travel insurance in order to manage risks and eventualities that may occur and Allianz Travel Insurance is one of the reputable travel insurance companies to buy from. 

Allianz Travel Insurance is a subsidiary of Allianz SE which is an European multinational financial services company. Its core businesses are assets management and insurance. 

Founded in Berlin, Germany on the 5th of February, 1890, Allianz SE has ammased over 80 million customers globally and it is the preferred choice of many for insurance solutions. 


The company is among the world’s largest investors and they manage the insurance needs of customers totaling over 600 billion euros. 

Allianz Global reaches out and meets the insurance needs of persons living in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, South America, Australia, and Africa. 

They are in more than 50 countries across the globe including Austria, Bahrain, Bermuda, Brunei, Republic of Congo, French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Laos, Nigeria, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Among their many insurance solutions their travel insurance policy stands out as being top-notch and excellent. 

In this post, I will show you what the Allianz Travel Insurance covers, how to file a claim, documents needed for filing a claim, and the cost of travel insurance with Allianz. 

I am optimistic you already know what travel insurance is about. I do not intend to go over that again. Here is a link to find out what travel insurance is about

While you are preparing for your journey, you naturally would not think anything would go wrong. 

You just get your luggage ready, book your flight, pay for your bus ticket, and head straight on.

But there are a lot of thing that could go wrong hence the need to get yourself insured before embarking on that journey or trip. 


You could have your flight canceled, delayed, or interruped. Your luggage may be stolen, misplaced, or damaged. You could fall sick or sutain bodily injuries while on a trip. 

These eventualities can be taken care of by your travel insurance provider. 

Let’s take a look at the provisions covered by Allianz. 

What Does Allianz Travel Insurance Cover? 

Allianz will cover for any loss arising from the following events: 

  1. Flight cancellation, delay, and interruption due to weather conditions or unforseen circumstances
  2. Pregnancy complications such as pre-term labor
  3. Stolen, misplaced, or damaged luggage 
  4. Repatriation of sick body or corpse
  5. Medical emergencies 

One error many people fall into is thinking that travel insurance will cover for every loss they incur while on a trip. 

The sad truth is it does not. With Allianz, there are several exemptions to what the travel insurance policy covers. 

What Is Not Covered By Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz insurance will not cover for losses caused by: 

  • War, Act of war, and military duty 
  • Participating in high-risk and extremely dangerous sports 
  • Any outbreak of pandemic or epidemic
  • Normal childbirth 
  • Announced storm, hurricane, or weather conditions. It will cover when you buy the insurance policy before the weather condition is announced
  • Civil unrest, rioting, and chaos 
  • Regulations and prohibitions by the government
  • Learning to fly an aircraft either as a pilot or a crew member 

In the certificate of insurance that would be handed over to you when you purchase the insurance policy, you will find a details breakdown of the provisions of the policy.

It will do you the world of good to read through it and digest every bit of information in it. 

How To File a Claim with Allianz Travel Insurance

Suppose you have acquired travel insurance from Allianz already and you have just suffered a loss covered, here is how to file a claim:

  • Gather every important detail and put them in writing 
  • Cal your insurance agent of the toll free Allianz Insurance phone number at 1-866-884-3556 
  • Submit every detail requested 

When your claim is filed successfully, it takes between two (2) to ten (10) working days to get it resolved. 

Documents Needed For Travel Insurance Claim

Before you file a claim, make sure you have the following documents ready: 

  1. Claim form 
  2. Your policy documents 
  3. Any form of identification (ID)
  4. Trip Ticket 
  5. Correspondence from Airport authorities 
  6. Proof of flight cancelation 
  7. First Information Report (FIR)
  8. Photocopy of misplaced passport 
  9. Hospital bill and discharge note 


Cost of Allianz Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance at Allianz is quite affordable. The basic insurance plan costs around $23. 


We can not overemphasize the need or travel insurance. A last-minute trip cancelation or delay can get you stranded. 

Medical bills and expenses may not be included in your travel budget. All of these and more can be taken care of by Allianz Travel Insurance. 

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