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American Unemployment Insurance Runs Out on July 31

American unemployment benefits
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The current pandemic had put tens of millions of Americans out of work and they are filing for unemployment benefits. The CARES Act passed signed by the president, Donald Trump in March, authorised unemployment extra unemployment payments increasing the amount of money and expanding the number of people who are qualified. The bill also included a one-time $1,200 payment for many Americans.

The unemployment benefits that adds an extra $600 weekly expires on July 31, while the expanded eligibility runs throughout the year to cover self-employed and gig workers.

At the end of 2019, the national average amount was $371.88 per week. The amount isn’t a flat rate and it’s normally a bit higher than half the workers’ previous earnings.

The new benefit to people applying for unemployment payments post COVID-19 is a flat rate on an extra $600 weekly, funded by the government. It’s open to anyone who qualifies for any level of state benefit.

The responsibility for unemployment payments will fall on the state government from August. You should be able to find details of available benefits on your state’s unemployment website.

The new unemployment payments will last for at least 39 weeks for each qualifier. But figuring how to apply Varies in different states.

New applications are running in millions thereby slowing down the speed of state government in reaching everyone. Many people that are entitled to these funds are yet to get them although many have not applied due to the difficulty in applying. 

Austin Opara
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