Average Cost of House Insurance in the United States 2022

average cost of house insurance policy
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Look forward to buying your house insurance policy, find out what the average cost of house insurance in the United States is. You will discover what the average cost of house insurance is in all of the fifty (50) states that make up the United States of America

House insurance (also known as home insurance or homeowners insurance) is an insurance policy that protects your home and belongings in the event of damage or liability arising from fire outbreaks, break-ins, vandalism, or natural disasters.

Several homeowners are compassed with all manners of threats and attacks from various sources. A typical homeowners insurance cover will keep homeowners, their homes, and their belongings safe.

When conducting your search for a good and reputable home insurance company that would meet your needs, aside from the policy options and coverage, one of the major things to consider is the cost of the policy.

An insurance company may present you an offer that seems like all you need but then the issue of cost comes into play and it dawns on you that the policy may not completely be the best. As much as we want to be insured and protected when disaster strikes, we would not be comfortable doing it to the detriments of our pocket.

Most times, when people look for insurance, what they actually need is cheap and affordable insurance. Everyone wants value at a fair price and it is no different for those seeking house insurance.

Seeing how cost impacts the choice of a house insurance company and policy, I have decided to write on the average cost of house insurance in the United States so you have a clue what you would pay if you want to buy a home insurance policy.

Aside from the average cost of house insurance in the United States, I have also outlined how much getting a house insurance policy in each state will cost. Before that, let’s see some of the factors that affect the cost of house insurance in the United States.


Factors Affecting the Cost of House Insurance in the United States

The following are some of the factors affecting the cost of house insurance in the US:

1.       The cost of rebuilding your house

2.       The age of your house and the stuff it is made of

3.       Your credit score

4.       The presence of a trampoline, porch, or swimming pool

5.       The distance of your house to a fire hydrant or station

6.       Crime rates in the area where your house is located

7.       How often do natural disasters happen in your area

8.       The cost of your belongings such as jewelry, furniture, etc.

9.       Number of home insurance claims you’ve filed in the past if you had any

10.   The presence of pets and

11.   The amount of coverage you want

These factors depend on the kind of policy or company you are buying your insurance from.


Average Cost of House Insurance in the US

According to the NAIC, the average cost of house insurance in the US is around $1,200. Depending on the state you live in, the factors I have outlined above, and the company you are buying from, your house insurance policy may cost more or lesser than the average.

As I promised, I will show you how much house insurance costs in each state in the US.

The cost of home insurance in each state in the US are:

Alabama – $1,403

Alaska – $950

Arizona – $847

Arkansas – $1,357

California – $1,040

Colorado – $1,539

Connecticut – $1,530

Delaware – $842

District of Columbia – $1,284

Florida – $1,943

Georgia – $1,234

Hawaii – $1,108

Idaho – $736

Illinois – $1,061

Indiana – $1,010

Iowa – $970

Kansas – $1,543

Kentucky – $1,093

Louisiana – $1,889

Maine – $867

Maryland – $1,044

Massachusetts – $1,510

Michigan – $969

Minnesota – $1,349

Mississippi – $1,558

Missouri – $1,301

Montana – $1,207

Nebraska – $1,455

Nevada – $778

New Hampshire – $977

New Jersey – $1,216

New Mexico – $1,028

New York – $1,309

North Carolina – $1,037

North Dakota – $1,236

Ohio – $864

Oklahoma – $1,834

Oregon – $690

Pennsylvania – $903

Rhode Island – $1,553

South Carolina – $1,264

South Dakota – $1,191

Tennessee – $1,187

Texas – $1,819

Utah – $699

Vermont – $929

Virginia – $988

Washington – $866

West Virginia – $921

Wisconsin – $765

Wyoming – $1,234

Notice how the cost of house insurance is higher in Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Louisiana? It can be traced to the fact that houses in these states face a risk of natural disasters compared to houses in states like Utah, Ohio, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

Do you want to know how to get cheaper house insurance policies? I have explained how to reduce the cost of homeowners insurance in one of my previous posts. You can click HERE to read it.


In conclusion, the average cost of house insurance in The United States has a lot of factors affecting it and topmost among these factors include crime rates in the area where the house is located, the susceptibility of the house to natural disasters, and the amount of coverage you want.

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