Aviva Digital GP App Review 2024

Aviva Digital GP App Review
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Just recently, Aviva announced a massive innovation when they went digital with the release of the Aviva Digital GP app.

It was greeted with much enthusiasm and today I have composed an Aviva Digital GP App review to show you what the app is about.

This Aviva Digital GP app review 2024 covers what the app is about and the features embedded in the app.

Come with me…


What is Aviva Digital GP App

If you are not familiar with the term GP, it means General Practitioner, a doctor who treats minor and chronic conditions and decides which should be referred to a hospital.

The Aviva Digital GP app is used to summon a General Practitioner (GP).

The app is powered by Square Health and the Aviva Private medical insurance makes it available as a value-added service.

With the app, UK citizens can enjoy around the clock access, repeat NHS prescriptions, free delivery, and unlimited GP video consultations.

Aviva Digital GP app has been made available to residents of

  • Northern Ireland
  • Great Britain
  • Channel Islands
  • Isle of Man

Bottom line, the application puts a GP in your pocket. At the click of a button, your employees can get across to a GP.

After downloading the app, just before you sign up, you will see the Terms and Conditions for using Aviva Digital GP.

Be aware that the service is a non-contractual benefit from Aviva and it can be withdrawn whenever the private medical insurance company decides to.

Like I promised in the introduction of this Aviva Digital GP app review, I will be showing you some of the features available on the app.


Aviva Digital GP App Review 2024 – Features

The following are features of the GP app from Aviva.

1. 24/7 Appointment Booking

The app makes booking appointments easy. Your employees can book appointments 24/7 and can have it approved within 30 minutes.

Every appointment slot lasts for up to 15 minutes.

2. Repeat NHS Prescriptions

Free UK delivery when your employees request in-app. The repeat NHS prescriptions accept NHS England exemptions.

3. GP Video Consultations

The app makes it possible for employees to have unlimited video consultations with GPs.

The GPs available are NHS-registered private GPs and they are experts available round the clock.

4. GP Choice

If your employees have a preference for the gender of the GP that attends to them, they can make a choice that fits their preference.

The app allows users to choose the gender of the NHS-registered private GP that attends to them.

Additionally, they can access the details of a GP and choose one based on the GP’s profile, bio, and needs.

5. Consultation and Advice History

After a GP video consultation, the app lets users see the advice they have received and the history of their consultations all within the app.

6. Paediatric Consultations

Children are not exempted from the usage of this GP app.

You can book GP consultations on behalf of children under 16 years and every member can add up to 10 children.

Where To Download Aviva Digital GP App

The Aviva Digital GP app is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iPhone users.


Aviva Digital GP App Access Code

To wrap up this Aviva Digital GP app review 2024, the Aviva Digital GP app access code is 211412.

It is used to activate the app after you download it.


That does it on my Aviva Digital GP app review 2024.

Aviva seeks to ensure ease in the medical insurance process and this app is a step in the right direction.

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