Can American College Students Apply for Health Insurance?

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College students will need health insurance while studying in the United States. And the best part is that most colleges and universities offer medical and health insurance coverage at an affordable cost to their international students. 

When you’re young, there are a few things you’re probably worried about. Almost everything is postponed for the future, but it’s important to realize that the future starts now.

When you begin to implement plans now, it’ll pay off now and in the future. As a college student in America, one thing you can enjoy subsidy on is health insurance.

Think about it, to treat a broken leg for example will cost almost $7,000 or thereabout. It has been said that 30 percent of youths do not have any insurance cover, how risky!

This is often the reason why the medical bills may look inflated when an emergency happens. You may think that you are young and have no worries yet, let alone worrying about insurance, however, it is when you are at your youthful stage that you ought to protect yourself from life’s uncertainties.

The times we’re in are getting more complicated day by day, a little insurance will do a lot in easing what you worry about.

Why Do College Students Need Insurance?

For many reasons – but let’s consider a vital point, every soon-to-be adult has this tendency to be vibrant or sometimes reckless (or living on the edge) putting an insurance plan would be cool. International students who purchase health insurance coverage while studying in the United States always have easy access to medical care.

It’s been proven again and again that having access to swift medical care can increase your retention and progress as a student.

Saving up or putting away spare cash from your upkeep funds into insurance wouldn’t be a bad idea. With that, you can get the cheapest health insurance available for college students studying in the U.S.


Health Insurance for College Students in America

Even though this doesn’t sound like what’s in vogue, it is worth considering. Although having a health insurance plan as a college student isn’t a permission ticket to start living recklessly, it’ll save you from unplanned emergencies.

In America, there are health policies that college students can apply for. Let’s take you through the options that you could consider. 

Should an International Student Apply for Health Insurance in Person?

Should an International Student Apply for Health Insurance in Person

It’ll interest you to know that your parent’s or guardian’s health insurance policy can cover you too.

Firstly, before you apply, find out if your parent’s insurance plan can cover your college health insurance. If this option is available, you need not worry about applying by yourself.

Until you are about 26 years old in the United States, you can enjoy a cover from your parent’s health insurance policy.

Secondly, if you aren’t presented with that option, you can request that your parents subscribe you to a college student health insurance cover.

If that is not possible for some reason, then you can go for the last option, which is to apply by yourself. That goes to show that you must have learned how health insurance works in the U.S. especially if you are an international student.

To be realistic, the United States government has made it easy for students to get subsidized health insurance coverage. You can compare student insurance online or from different agents to know which company is offering the best insurance deal.

How to Apply for Student Health Insurance Policy

Applying for a health insurance policy as a college student is quite straightforward – all you have to do is visit the official website and input all necessary information such as income status, state you live, plus information such as the numbers of your family members. When you’re applying as a college student, you’d likely or often get access to discounts.

Also, being a student allows you to apply through your school, as most schools include a health insurance cover for their students. Meaning that the cost is charged together with the tuition cost and other attached expenses.


What Is Your Eligibility Status as One Applying for Student Health Insurance Coverage?

Know your chances. Some people might be unqualified. So, it’s important that you check whether you are eligible and what you need to focus on when trying to take advantage of a student insurance policy in any U.S. state. 

1. Your eligibility will be dependent on a few factors, first, it could be based on your locality, state, school, or credit enrollment. Most people who fall below 133 percent of the poverty line are always eligible for Medicaid.

2. Being an American citizen automatically qualifies you, however, this may not be possible for those who are already getting Medicare coverage.

These two criteria are often the most important things to note. As long as you meet this eligibility, then the onboarding process should be seamless. 

What Are the Health Insurance Options for New York Students?

What Are the Health Insurance Options for New York Students

Below are some of the factors to consider when college students are looking for health insurance in New York:

  • College students in New York can get health insurance coverage through their school at an affordable cost.
  • As a college student under the age of 26 (or possibly 29), you can get student health insurance through your parent’s health plan.
  • Health Insurance Marketplace plans can be gotten through a plan that meets Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements.
  • Depending on your age and income status, you can get no- or low-cost health insurance coverage through Medicaid or Child Health Plus as a college student.
  • College students who are under the age of 30 can get catastrophic health plans so that they can be able to access a high-deductible plan to cover them when seriously ill or injured. 
  • Students who are working part-time can as well get health insurance from their employer. This is what insurance agents call, job-based insurance plan.


What Are the Benefits of Applying for College Students Health Insurance in the United States?

The benefits are enormous. Let’s see a few reasons why college students should get health insurance policies:

  • Saves you from unexpected costs. If you have a medical insurance policy as a student, it reduces off pocket cash you spend when trying to sort your medical bills. In reality, taking care of your health on average isn’t cheap, but a health insurance cover reduces this cost.
  • Access to the subsidized health plan. Whether provided by your school, health insurance company, or the state’s government, a student health insurance plan gives you access to a wide range of subsidized plans that you can benefit from so that you wouldn’t break the bank.
  • Gives you access to preventive care packages. Preventive care is when you’re examined from time to time to help detect any early-stage ailments and manage or prevent them from escalating to something bigger.

The benefits as mentioned earlier are almost limitless – Taking advantage of health insurance coverage as a student is a great choice you’ll never regret making. 

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