Best Car Insurance App For iPhone 2022

best car insurance app for iPhone
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If you are looking for the best car insurance app for iPhone 2022, allow our comprehensive guide on car insurance apps for iPhone users to inform your decision.

The world of car insurance is enjoying some serious traction as automation is making it more accessible and easy to manage. Users can buy insurance policies, manage their policies, pay premiums, and file claims using auto insurance mobile apps.

This technological innovation eliminates the manual, time-consuming process of users have to undergo in managing their car insurance policy. For the insurance providers, it means work and more time to focus on other activities that will improve the company’s productivity.

Car insurance policyholders get to have insurance on the go, easy solutions at their fingertips, the ability to make decisions concerning their policies and get immediate responses just by clicking their mobile devices.

No doubt, automation in the form of these car insurance apps are revolutionizing the world of car insurance. This post is a review of the best car insurance app for iPhone 2022. If you are an iPhone user and would like to get a car insurance policy you can manage from the comfort of your iPhone, then this review is exclusively designed for you.

There are certain basic features every auto insurance mobile app should have. We would not go over them in detail because we have already written a post on it. You may want to check out the basic features of an auto insurance app.

In summary, the basic features of an auto insurance app are:

  1. Bill Payment
  2. Policy Management
  3. Filing of Claims
  4. Uploads
  5. Access to Insurance Documents

Every auto insurance mobile app should allow users to pay bills, manage their insurance policy, file claims, upload proof of the covered events, and be able to access quintessential insurance documents. Anything short of this is below the required standard.

On that note, we reviewed a couple of car insurance apps in the US and other nations that are available to iPhone users that offer at least four of the basic features every auto insurance app must possess.

This is the list we came up with.


Best Car Insurance App for iPhone 2022

  1. Go Car Insurance App
  2. Root Car Insurance App
  3. Cover Car Insurance App
  4. Cuvva Car Insurance App
  5. Prang Car Insurance App

Now to the review of each car insurance app.

Go Insurance App Review

The Go Insurance is a compare car insurance app with which you can get real car insurance quotes within 60 seconds. With the Go Insurance app, you can compare car insurance quotes from the big names among car insurance providers.

You can easily find a convenient car insurance policy, scan necessary documents to process your policy, make payments, and file claims all on the app. Here are a few pros and cons you might want to take note of.

Pros of Go Insurance

  1. Compare car insurance quotes from major insurance companies
  2. Get your quotes in 1 minute
  3. Beautiful, easy-to-use interface

Cons of Go Insurance

  1. GPS runs in the background
  2. Drains battery faster than normal

Root Car Insurance App Review

Root car insurance is a car insurance provider that offers users a policy only after testing them for about 2-3 weeks. The Root app is designed to provide users with cheap and affordable car insurance policies.

Before a user would be given an insurance quote from Root, they would be required to drive around for 14 days, sometimes 21 days. This is so that the insurance company would only give out insurance policies to “good drivers”.

It is often more expensive for the insurance company to provide insurance covers for reckless drivers. And because Root seeks to provide cheap car insurance solutions, they have tailored their selection process to pick only the best drivers.

If you are operating a shoestring budget and do not have the means of getting your insurance policy from Geico or Progressive, then Root Insurance is an option for you.

Pros of Root Car Insurance App

  1. Get a car insurance policy without visiting an insurance office.
  2. Cheap car insurance policies.
  3. Innovative ways to buy and manage your car insurance policy.
  4. File claims in less than 3 minutes
  5. Use of telematics to determine your driving habit

Cons of Root Car Insurance App

  1. Time-consuming as you have to drive for 2-3 weeks before you get approved
  2. Insurance covers are only granted to exceptionally good drivers


Cover Insurance App

Cover makes the list of best insurance apps 2021. It not only provides users with car insurance quotes alone, but it also helps compare insurance quotes for home, travel, life, and even pet. With the app, you can find insurance companies from whom you can buy an insurance policy.

This auto insurance mobile app helps you get the best insurance rates available for any item you wish you insure. To get insurance quotes with Cover, simply take a picture of the item you want to insure using your iPhone and the app will help you compare available rates.

The Cover Insurance App partners with insurance companies like Geico, Intact, Progressive, RBC and you can insure anything from your home to your automobile (car, motorcycle, truck, bus e.t.c) to your pet and any other property of yours.

Pros of Cover Insurance App

  1. An easy solution to get and compare insurance quotes
  2. Car, pet, travel, life, and home insurance cover in one app
  3. SMS insurance agent feedback
  4. Manage your policies

Cons of Cover Insurance App

  1. Limited accessibility to policy management
  2. There are no reminders sent out for upcoming payments
  3. Below average customer support

Cuvva Car Insurance App

Cuvva is an innovative way to buy and manage your car insurance policy. It provides a temporary car insurance policy in the United Kingdom for a time frame of as low as 1 hour to 28 days. This means you can buy a car insurance policy using the Cuvva app for just one hour or more.

This innovation comes in handy when you want to borrow a car while visiting the UK and plan on using it for a short time. With Cuvva car insurance app, the rigor of purchasing a car insurance policy is eliminated.

To get an insurance cover from the Cuvva app, simply download the app from the App Store. Sign up in minutes and once your registration is approved, you can purchase a car insurance cover.

The process of getting started with Cuvva is as easy as entering the number plate of the car you want to borrow, choose how many hours you want the coverage, and pay the given amount. With that, you have your car insurance policy running.

Pros of Cuvva

  1. 24/7 Customer Support with 1-minute response time
  2. Car insurance policy for persons between 19 to 65 years
  3. Comprehensive car insurance policies
  4. Car insurance for as long as you need it
  5. Manage everything in-app
  6. No need for an underlying car insurance policy
  7. Earn from the referral program

Cons of Cuvva

  1. Higher excess for faster and expensive cars and for drivers below the age of 21
  2. Only for people in the United Kingdom



The Prang! app is different from other apps listed in our list of best car insurance app for iPhone. The difference is that the app is a Utility app not for managing your car insurance policy but to help you seamlessly file claims.

When filing a claim, you would need to upload proofs that the covered peril or event actually took place. One of the ways we provide proof of claim is using pictures and videos. With the Prang! app, you can manage all your insured vehicles, take pictures of incidents, and record important personal and third party information.

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