Who Has The Best & Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates in Australia

cheapest auto insurance rates in Australia
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Suppose you are on a budget and you would like to acquire auto insurance, one question that would be on your mind is who has the best and cheapest auto insurance rates in Australia?

If it is not on your mind already, it was probably given a second priority but that would be what you need at this point.

The question of who has the best and cheapest auto insurance rates in Australia is a two-way question.

What I mean by that is, there are two sides to the question and I would like to draw your attention to them.

There are so many auto insurance companies in Australia and looking for one whose coverage so be comprehensive enough yet affordable can be a daunting task.

As an intending auto insurance policyholder, you will be on the lookout for the cheapest auto insurance rates in Australia.

And as you know, quality comes with a price and there is very little chance you will get a holdover from a cheap auto insurance provider.

Notwithstanding, there are good car insurance companies in Australia whose rates are not just cheap but standard and comprehensive.

So, the goal of this article is to answer the question of what companies offer the best auto insurance rates in Australia but are cheap.

I will not just show you cheap auto insurance companies but the best in this category.

The bottom line is, you can get yep a very affordable car insurance policy and it will provide coverage that matches that of the heavy spenders.

You do not have to break the bank or run into debt because you want to get insured.


Companies With The Best and Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates in Australia

If you are looking for details on how to get cheap auto insurance in Australia, here are some of the insurers you should be considering purchasing your policy from:

  1. Budget Direct
  2. AAMI Car Insurance
  3. Coles Car Insurance
  4. RACV Insurance
  5. Bingle Car Insurance

1. Budget Direct

Founded in 1999, in Brisbane Australia Budget Direct is a low-cost insurance brand under Auto and General.

Budget Direct won the Canstar’s Outstanding Value Car Insurance award 14 years in a row since 2007.

The insurance provider has also won The Money magazine’s Insurer of the Year for four (4) years from 2017 to 2020.

It won the awards for Best of the Best title for Car Insurance and Home & Contents Insurance in 2020.

They offer both comprehensive and third-party car insurance with a lot of customizable options.

They have one of the best and cheapest auto insurance rates in Australia as they offer a 15 percent discount.

The same discount rate applies to their motorcycle insurance.

Getting a quote from Budget Direct takes just 2 minutes. You will be required to submit details like your postcode, address, house number, and so on to determine the risk of insuring you.

2. AAMI Car Insurance

AAMI car insurance also offers one of the best and cheapest auto insurance rates in Australia.

They have a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating and their services are very much affordable for people on a budget.

AAMI offers affordable car insurance rates that cover for

  • Damages to your car
  • Damage to other people’s vehicle & property
  • 1-year free roadside assistance
  • Damages to your car by uninsured drivers and much more.

This is one company to go to if you want the best but affordable car insurance rates.

3. Coles Car Insurance

Underwritten by Insurance Australia Limited, Coles also offers affordable insurance for car owners in Australia.

Their coverage caters to damages of any kind or form to an insured vehicle.

Aside, the standard auto insurance cover options, Coles cover for emergencies, car hire, groceries replacement, and child seat replacement.

Interestingly, they do not charge a dime when you cancel your policy with them. You enjoy benefits and cancel anytime you want to.


4. RACV Insurance

The Royal Automobile Company of Victoria (RACV) is known in the Australian insurance industry for the huge discounts on all its policies.

From car insurance to travel insurance to boat insurance to farm insurance to business insurance, RACV offers mind-blowing discounts.

On their car insurance policy, you can get cheaper rates when you choose a higher basic excess or pay your premiums annually.

Doing any of the two things I just said will set you up for a discount on auto insurance rates at RACV.

5. Bingle Car Insurance

Last but not least is Bingle car insurance.

When it comes to cheap and affordable auto insurance rates, Bingle has received a lot of positive reviews.

After I looked into the company, their services, and their customers are satisfied, I thought to add them to the list of insurance companies that offer the best and cheapest auto insurance rates.

The only downside to Bingle is that they are an online insurance company and can not be contacted via phone calls, text, or in-person meetings.

That does it on the list of companies with the cheapest auto insurance rates in Australia.

Just before you go, car insurance rates are often very expensive for drivers below the age of 25. Wonder why?

I will explain it.

Why is Car Insurance Often More Expensive for Younger Drivers

The reason why car insurance rates are more expensive for younger drivers is that they are more likely to get into accidents.

People below the age of 25 are considered high-risk drivers and it would cost more to provide insurance for them.

This is why insurance companies charge more when they want to insure young drivers.



You can enjoy insurance without breaking the bank or running into debt.

Get a quote from any of the insurance companies I have listed in this article and enjoy the best and cheapest auto insurance rates in Australia.

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