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coles insurance
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Coles car insurance is underwritten by Insurance Australia Limited, a subsidiary of Insurance Australia Group (IAC) which is Australia’s largest insurance group.

They are authorities in the provision of home insurance, car insurance, pet insurance, and landlord insurance.

In today’s review on Coles Insurance, we would be looking at a brief on the insurance provider, their policies, and other important FAQs touching their policies. We will also answer the question of what does Coles car insurance cover?

Before we look at the products Coles insurance offers, let’s look at some of the popular searches people are making on Google regarding this amazing insurance provider in Australia.

Popular Searches About Coles Car Insurance on Google

  • What is the Coles Car Insurance cancellation fee?
  • How much does Coles Car Insurance cost?
  • How long does Coles Car Insurance take to pay claims?


Coles Car Insurance

Coles car insurance provides coverage for both minor and major damages to you car, property, and third-party.

The Coles comprehensive insurance covers for:

  • Damages to your car
  • Damage to third-party car and property
  • Emergencies like repairs, towing, e.t.c
  • Stolen vehicle
  • Car hire if you need a car temporarily after yours gets stolen
  • Replacement of groceries up to $200 in value
  • Child seat and baby capsules replacement

Other coverage includes roadside assistance, windscreen damage, and car hire after an accident.

The third-party property damage car insurance covers for damages you cause to other people’s car or property, roadside assistance, change of car, and damaged caused by uninsured drivers.

Lastly on Coles car insurance plans is the third-party fire and theft insurance. It covers for:

  • Damage to third-party vehicle and properties
  • Damages caused by uninsured drivers
  • Stolen car
  • Towing and storage costs
  • Fire damage to your car

Also, you can choose a payment option that suits your pocket and get covers for emergencies, accidents, and weather conditions.

Coles car insurance cancellation fee is $25. Anytime you cancel a policy you purchased from Coles Insurance, you are charged for the services the insurer had provided for you in establishing and maintaining your Policy. If you cancel your policy, they will charge you a cancellation fee of $25 inclusive of GST

Coles Home Insurance

What does Coles home insurance cover? From glass breakage to grocery replacement to loud covers and other unexpected events that affect your home, Coles home insurance has got you covered.

Coles home insurance follows the trend of other home insurance policies in Australia.

They cover for building and contents, building only, content only, and landlords building insurance.

The combined building and contents insurance which happens to be Coles Insurance most popular policy protects every aspect of your home.

It protects the building, belongings, and even liabilities that may occur in and around the building.

The content insurance and building insurance as their name implies covers the content and the building respectively.

Now, let’s talk about the Coles landlord insurance.


Coles Landlord Insurance

For those looking to give out their property for renters, the Coles landlord insurance is a great means to get your property insured.

There are so many risks associated with renting an apartment to people and you would be properly covered at Coles.

What is Covered in Coles Landlord Insurance?

Coles landlord insurance covers for the following events:

  • Limited liability
  • Damage due to weather conditions such as storms, lightning, earthquakes, and floods
  • Damage caused by people such as vandalism, theft, breakage e.t.c
  • Accidental glass breakage
  • Demolition and removal of debris
  • Damage caused by water leaks, discharge, bursts, and overflows
  • Riots and civil unrest
  • Key and lock replacement

Other optional covers in the Coles landlord insurance includes damages caused by tenants and automobiles that are part of the building.

Coles are leading providers of landlords insurance and if you are looking to secure your property even though you are giving it out for rent.

They guarantee good coverage and it is predicated on the assurance of being backed by a very reliable insurance company in Australia.

Coles Pet Insurance

Get your furry friends insurance with Coles pet insurance where you will enjoy a month of free coverage.

The one month of free pet coverage begins from Thursday, 28th January, 2021. Buying a policy from that date will come with a free cover for one month.

Coles pet insurance comes in Basic and Premium plans that covers illnesses, accidents, treatments, and severe health conditions.

Scheduled vet visits and consultation are paid for by Coles while policyholders pay for the excess.

Coles Pet Insurance Waiting Period

The waiting period for Coles pet insurance is 21 days. Although, it excludes cruciate ligament conditions.

Overall, it is quite fair.

How to File a Claim with Coles Insurance

You can file a claim on your car, home, or pet insurance with Coles on their website.

To do this, you would need to visit:

  • for car insurance claims
  • for home insurance claims
  • for pet insurance claims

You will be asked to login with your email or mobile number and your date of birth. All of these were submitted while you were purchasing the insurance cover.

After which you will be asked to submit important details that are relative to the specific type of insurance you are filing a claim for.


We give it to Coles when it comes to landlord insurance. They have got a large repository of coverage plans for landlords.

Their pet insurance is cool and intending policyholders would find the free one month policy a lovely test run of the packages available at Coles.

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