Do You Have Maternity Coverage With Your Insurance in the United States?

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Does your medical insurance come with maternity coverage? Pregnancy and birth are still medical concerns, despite how lovely and natural they seem. As a result, making sure you’re covered for the medical aspect of maternity care is one approach to assist prepare for all the other changes ahead. 

It’s crucial to understand what your existing insurance covers if it conforms with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and whether you can get maternity coverage if you don’t already have it.

Also, prepare for any changes in your homeowners, life, and even auto insurance that may occur as a result of your pregnancy and the birth of your child.

What Maternity Coverage Does the Affordable Care Act Require?

Most insurance plans are required by the Affordable Care Act to provide free preventive prenatal care to expectant moms. Individual insurance plans and small employer insurance plans are required by the Affordable Care Act to provide services to pregnant women at no cost to them. However, it also stipulates that all newborn babies and mothers receive free post-partum care.

The services provided by the ACA include:

  • Breast Pumps and Other Breastfeeding Supplies
  • Screenings for anemia, gestational diabetes, hepatitis B, and Rh Incompatibility during pregnancy.
  • Visits to the doctor for newborns.
  • Check-ups after the birth of a child.
  • Support Services for Nursing and Feeding.
  • Services for Quitting Smoking.


Is It Possible to Get Maternity Coverage While Already Pregnant?

Is It Possible to Get Maternity Coverage While Already Pregnant

Pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition prior to the ACA’s passage. Anyone with a pre-existing ailment, including pregnancy, had the right to be denied insurance coverage by insurance companies. They have the authority to charge you extravagant fees to recoup the costs if they wanted to provide coverage for your pregnancy. Many pre-existing condition difficulties were resolved as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Insurance companies can no longer refuse coverage to anyone who has a pre-existing condition. They must address all of the conditions’ relevant difficulties. Furthermore, they are not permitted to charge you higher rates to cover your pre-existing condition.

The Affordable Care Act also forbids insurance companies from identifying pregnancy as a pre-existing condition. As a result, pregnant women are covered in the same way that any other woman is. Health plans can no longer deny you coverage if you are pregnant.


So, even if a pregnant woman does not have health insurance, she can get maternity coverage. She will be charged the same premium as any other lady her age who is not expecting a child.

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