Does Hagerty Insurance Cover Classic Cars?

hagerty classic car insurance
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Does Hagerty Insurance cover classic cars?

This question comes as a surprise to me because Hagerty is renowned for providing insurance for classic cars.

Hagerty classic car insurance is one of the leading classic car insurance companies in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

In this article, I hope to clear the air on whether Hagerty Insurance covers classic cars and also explain policy provisions for classic cars.

At the latter end of this article, I will be answering some popular questions that relate to Hagerty’s classic car insurance and Hagerty insurance in general.

It will interest you to know that Nationwide, one of the best insurance companies in the United States, partners with Hagerty Insurance to provide classic car insurance for their clients.

In the United States, Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom, Hagerty shines as the number one choir when it comes to classic car insurance.


Does Hagerty Insurance Cover Classic Cars?

Yes! Hagerty Insurance covers classic cars and if you are looking for the best classic car insurance company, try Hagerty.

How Does Hagerty Classic Car Insurance Work

At Hagerty, classic car insurance is offered with four (4) policy options and they are:

  1. Comprehensive cover

The comprehensive cover option pays for third-party liability damages and losses caused by fire and theft.

  1. Agreed value insurance

The agreed value insurance ensures your classic or collector car is insured at its full value. No shady insurance gimmick.

  1. European Touring Cover

Touring in Europe? This cover provides similar features to the comprehensive cover option.

  1. Discounted Premiums

Car club members and multi-vehicle insurance purchase set an intending policyholder for additional discounts.

The discounted premium options make these additional discounts feasible.

  1. Breakdown and Recovery Cover

This cover option offers full breakdown and recovery insurance in areas where Hagerty Insurance operates.

These areas include the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America.

  1. Laid Up Cover

If your classic car is not registered to be driven on the road, the laid up cover option would be a preferred choice.

The laid up cover option covers for cars that are not driven on public roads.

Hagerty Classic Car Insurance Requirements

Before you can get insurance from Hagerty classic car insurance, there are a couple of requirements to be met.

These are the Hagerty classic car insurance requirements that must be met:

  • Intending policyholders must have an extra car that is not for primary use
  • The car that should be insured must be in very good condition and working
  • The car to be insured must hold a minimum value of US $3,500
  • The car to be insured must be used for fun and pleasure. It must not be driven regularly.
  • The car must be protected. It should probably have a secure garage of its own or a carport.


Types of Classis Cars Insured at Hagerty

Wondering what kind of cars are deemed classic cars by Hagerty and eligible for insurance?

This list of classic car examples should guide you.

  1. Super and exotic cars
  2. Imported cars
  3. Limited or special edition model cars
  4. Special interest cars

How To Qualify For Hagerty Classic Car Insurance.

Having cleared the air surrounding the question – does Hagerty Insurance cover classic cars? – let’s see how to qualify for this insurance type.

Here are some of the things Hagerty will take note of before insuring anyone.

  1. A driver that has not had a serious infraction in the last three (3) years. For a driver to be eligible, they must have a three (3) year record of no reckless driving, alcohol-related offenses, and speed limit violations.
  1. The classic car must only be used for pleasure as I have stated earlier on. It should not be a car you use on daily basis.
  1. The car should have a secure and enclosed building like a garage for its storage. Other storage types that may be accepted include carports, car hauling trailers, driveways, and parking garages.

How Old Must a Classic Car Be Before It Is Insured by Hagerty?

Hagerty has various specifications for the age of a car before it is insured.

For the collector and classic car insurance, the car must be manufactured in 1979 or any year before that.

Collector truck and SUV insurance for stock vehicles must be manufactured in 1995 or any year before 1995.

While modified collector trucks and SUV insurance starts from 2005 and older.

Military vehicle insurance is only offered when the vehicle is 20 years and older.

Retired commercial vehicle must be 25 years and older.

Classic and antique tractor insurance must be 25 years and older.



Hagerty insurance is one of the world’s leading classic car insurance companies.

Spread across Europe and North America, Hagerty reaches out to many providing classic and collector car insurance.

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