3 Key Facts About Plumbing and Drainage Cover You Need to Know

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A lot of our readers in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom asked us if plumbing and drainage cover is worth getting. The answer is yes.

The importance of having plumbing and drainage cover in the UK can’t be overemphasized.

As a landlord or a homeowner, it’s your sole responsibility to fix the plumbing in your property whenever there’s damage. 

Having insurance for your plumbing and drainage will go a long way to save cost for you and as well speed up the repair.

In this article, we shall look at some fun facts about plumbing and drainage cover, why you need it and what it covers.


What is plumbing and drainage cover?

Plumbing and drainage cover is the type of insurance that covers a range of house challenges like blocked drains, leaking pipes, leaks and blockages to your water supply, toilet leakage and sinks damages.

Plumbing and drainage cover is also known as home emergency cover, especially in the United Kingdom.

Understanding what is covered or not covered in your home insurance policy can help you overcome some of the key challenges facing the insurance industry that lead to legal battles.

Do I need plumbing and drainage coverage?

Before proceeding to get home emergency cover in the UK, you will need to check if your current building insurance already covers it. If for any reason this very policy is excluded, you can buy plumbing and drainage cover as an add-on to your building insurance policy.

As the landlord or homeowner, it is your responsibility to fix the plumbing at your property. And as a tenant, it is not your duty to fix the drains, water supply, boiler and heating systems when they go but that of your landlord.

What other type of insurance does a tenant need as it regards the house they are living in? It’s content insurance. Content insurance ensures that you are covered if there’s a leakage in the property where you live or do business that led to the damage of your personal belongings.


What does plumbing and drainage insurance cover?

Do I need plumbing and drainage cover UK and USA

Before purchasing what anyone might consider being the most affordable home insurance policy in the UK, it is your responsibility to carefully check the terms so that you can be fully aware of what is covered.

The most comprehensive policies offered by home insurance companies in the UK are often the most expensive. It’s always advisable to take a deep look at some of the factors that determine the cost of a home insurance quote before hiring an agent or settling for any policy.

Here are the details of what some of the most comprehensive plumbing and drainage insurance cover:

  • Fixing gas boilers or central heating
  • Mending mains services ie. gas, water and electricity
  • Plumbing and drainage repairs to a blocked sewer or toilet
  • Sorting out security after a break-in or vandalism to your home
  • Repairing roofing, such as missing or damaged roof tiles
  • Removing pest infestations, such as rats or wasps’ nests

Please, take note that your building insurance may likely cover some plumbing and drainage issues, but may not be as comprehensive as you would want or need. A super-easy way to reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance policy is to improve your credit score.

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