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Farmers Insurance Company Review

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Looking for a cheap insurance company with certified and proven excellence in insurance services across the board, then Farmers Insurance company is a viable option.

With over 90 years of exceptional insurance, Farmers Insurance company has provided the citizens of the United States with affordable insurance coverages and policies.

This post looks into the insurance company, their products, important details about them, and Farmers insurance companies near me you can visit to buy insurance.

Founded in 1928 by Thomas Leavey and John Tyler, Farmers Insurance has grown to be the sixth-largest personal insurance company in the United States.

The founders discovered that farmers had a low-risk rate on their vehicles and were given preferred rates by insurance companies.

This made them start the Farmers Insurance company. What started as a one-room office in Los Angeles has grown to be scattered across the United States as I will show you in Farmers Insurance companies near me.

During the time of the Great Depression which began in the year 1929, Farmers Insurance was among the few companies that paid customers’ claims in cash. Others resorted to paying customers’ claims in IOUs.

Years later, they have expanded their services to cater to other insurance products further extending their reach.


Farmers Insurance Products & Services 

Farmers are not the sixth-largest insurance company in the books alone.

They offer a wide variety of insurance products and services. These products and services include:

Farmers Home Insurance 

The Farmers home insurance covers for loss and damage to your home and personal property that results from:

  • Fire 
  • Lightning 
  • Windstorm 
  • Hail 
  • Civil disorder 
  • Hot water heating system 
  • Vandalism 
  • Theft 
  • Falling objects and so on

Farmers Renters Insurance Review

Farmers renters insurance is sold through independent insurance agents and a number of other subsidiaries. These subsidiaries include Foremost Insurance Group, The Bristol West Insurance Group, Farmers Financial Solutions, Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, and The 21st Century Insurance Group & Toggle.

They serve renters insurance policies in all the 50 states that make up the United States with a workforce of over 21,000 employees serving about 20 million policyholders. The cost of renters insurance is $181 per annum.

Policyholders looking for renters insurance that has basic coverage and is inexpensive can patronize Farmers Insurance and enjoy amazing discounts.

Is Farmers a good home insurance company?

In the United States, Farmers is the fifth-largest home insurance company. Valuepenguin rates Farmers as one of the most recommended home insurance companies in the United States. Without a doubt, Farmers is a good home insurance company.

Farmers Auto Insurance 

Auto insurance is Farmers’ specialty. They are highly recommended for auto insurance cover.

Farmers auto insurance comes in six (6) customizable forms. These forms include:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Comprehensive Coverage 
  • Accident Forgiveness 
  • Rideshare Insurance 
  • New Car Pledge ®
  • Collision Insurance 

Liability Insurance 

In the liability insurance cover, customers enjoy coverage for both personal property and bodily injuries.

With this insurance provision, if you are liable for damages, you will be paid for personal injuries and/or property damage.

It will also pay for third-party injuries and/or property damages.

Comprehensive Coverage 

Farmers Insurance will pay for any loss or damage to your car when the event that led to the loss or damage was not an accident.

The comprehensive coverage will cover for loss and damage to your car arising from events such as theft, vandalism, riots, fire, e.t.c

Accident Forgiveness

This is an optional feature in the Farmers auto insurance policy.

With this feature, Farmers will forgive you for an accident if you had driven your car for three years without having an accident.

Rideshare Insurance

The Farmers rideshare insurance helps to cover some of the policy gaps that most car insurance and rideshare insurance companies leave out.

Most personal auto insurance policies do not provide rideshare coverage for persons working for companies like Uber.

Farmers auto insurance makes provision for this set of insurance seekers.

New Car Pledge ®

The New Car Pledge ® is an initiative by Farmers that promises customers with newly purchased cars a new one in the event of an accident.

If your car meets the New Car Pledge ® requirements which includes less than a 24000-mile drive and the car is two model years old, Farmers will give you a new one of the same model.

Collision Insurance

This pays for damages to your car if you collide with another car or a fire hydrant or a guard rail, and so on.

Farmers Life Insurance 

Life insurance is also another provision from Farmers Insurance. They offer term coverage, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance.

Other insurance policies by Farmers Insurance includes:

  • Recreational insurance for recreational centers 
  • Motorcycle insurance works just like auto insurance but for motorcycles
  • Business insurance 
  • Landlord/rented property insurance 
  • Pet insurance

There is certainly an insurance policy you will find at Farmers.

Farmers Insurance Claims 

Claims review and resolution is one important aspect of insurance companies and the insurance industry in general.

Farmers Insurance Claim review is considerably better than most. They offer three (3) means for claims resolution.

You can file claims via

  • The Farmers insurance website 
  • Farmers Insurance mobile app 
  • Calling the claims division


One can file a claim by visiting the Farmers Insurance official website. In the claims section, you will be required to fill a form and other necessary documents required for claims filing.

Downloading the Farmers Insurance mobile app is another fast and secured way to file a claim.

Get the Farmers Insurance mobile app and enjoy quick claims filing and resolution.

Lastly, place a call to the claims division. Below are the official Farmers Insurance phone numbers:

  • 1-800-435-7764
  • 1-877-732-5266 (en español)
  • 1-888-891-1660 (TTY for the hearing-impaired)

Any of the above designated Farmers Insurance phone numbers will get you through to the claims division of the insurance company.

How To Become a Farmers Insurance Agent 

If you are looking forward to leveraging on Farmers and start your own insurance agency, this section will guide you.

The benefits attached to being a Farmers Insurance Agent are numerous.

You enjoy limitless income potential backed up by monthly and annual rewards including bonuses.

You also enjoy professional coaching from Farmers experts that can help you start, grow, and manage your business.

Not forgetting that you are your own boss and can run your business independently.

To become a Farmers Insurance agent, there are two options available:

  1. Start an insurance agency or
  2. Buy an insurance agency 

Starting Your Farmers Insurance Agency

In this option, you will be building your business from the scratch.

This is for persons who have a low budget capital and little initiative.

Farmers will provide you with coaching, training, and access to resources as you build your business.

Buying A Farmers Insurance Agency 

This option is for the big spenders and those looking to invest in a Fortune 500 brand.

You can purchase an already existing Farmers agency and manage the business, growing it to your taste.

To become a Farmers Insurance agent and either start or buy an agency, visit


Farmers Insurance Companies Near Me 

The following locations are home to Farmers Insurance offices. If you are looking for Farmers Insurance companies near you, this list will guide you.

Los Angeles, US (HQ)

6301 Owensmouth Ave, Woodland Hills

Austin, US

15700 Long Vista Dr

Bellevue, US

3120 139th Ave SE #300

Caledonia, US

5665 N Kraft Lake Dr

Oklahoma City, US

7340 W Memorial Rd

Olathe, US

16850 W 119th St


There are so many insurance companies in the United States. Sorting through all of them can be a husky task.

Farmers Insurance is among the few legit insurance companies you can trust with your life, business, home, or automobile for insurance.

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