How to Get Money Quickly to Pay Rent If You Are Behind

Get Money Quickly to Pay Rent
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If you are strapped for cash and looking for ways to make money online or offline so that you can pay rent on  time,  you’re  probably searching for  ways to get money  fast.  Either by some kind of  loan or  a  trick  to  make  a  few  extra  bucks  here  and  there,  you  can  get yourself  out  of  a  hole.

There  are  a  lot  of  different  options  available  to  you,  but  all  of  them  offer  you  an  opportunity  to  make  extra  cash,  avoid  late  fees,  and  avoid  those  dreaded  conversations  with  your  landlord  about  why  your  rent  check  still  isn’t  in  the  mail.

Sell Loose Gift Cards for Cash

Did  you  know  that  you  can  use  those  old  gift  cards  lying  around  in  your  kitchen  cupboard  to  make  some  cold  hard  cash?  You  can  instantly  convert  most  gift  cards  into  cash  through  several  websites  online.  The site  Gift  Card  Granny  is  an  online  marketplace  that  allows  gift  card  owners  to  sell  their  cards  to  the  buyers  that  offers  the  best  price.

In  most  cases,  you  will  exchange  your  card  for  cash  that  will  be  deposited  in  your  PayPal  account.  If  you  already  have  a  PayPal  account  set  up,  you  can  transfer  the  money  you  make  to  your  bank  account  in  24  hours.

Take Out a Credit Card Cash Advance

If  you  are  in  good  standing  with  your  credit  card  company,  you  can  take  out  a  credit  card  cash  advance  that  will  help  you  get  out  of  a  title  spot.  One  great  aspect  of  this  option  is  that  just  like  other  credit  card  purchases,  a  credit  card  cash  advance  can  end  up  in  your  account  almost  immediately.  After you  take  out  a  cash  advance,  your  lender  will make  their  money  back  by  charging  fees  and  interest  rates.

Start Driving Uber or Lyft

If  you  own  a  car  that  is  up  to  the  standards  of  these  two  incredibly  popular  ride-sharing  apps,  you  can  make  a  ton  of  money  during  your  free  time  by  being  a  contracted  employee.  On  top  of  that,  Uber  and  Lyft  have  both  been  known  to  offer  sizable  bonuses  to  new  drivers  who  meet  a  certain  standard  within  their  first  few  weeks  of  working  for  the  company.  If  you  work  hard  to  meet  that  mark,  you  can  start  make  a  lot  of  extra  cash  in  a  very  short  period  of  time.

Take Out a Car Title Loan

Allstate auto loan calculator

A  car  title  loan  can  be  a  great  way  for  you  to  get  your  hand  on  some  money  in  just  a  few  hours.  It’s  a  risky  loan,  and  only  appropriate  for  a  short  duration  and  precautions  should  be  taken  to  ensure  you  are  able  to  pay  this  loan  off  in  time.  A  title  loan  is  a  secured  loan  where  you borrow  money  from  a  lender  against  the  value  of  your  car  and  the equity  you  have  in  your  car.

These  loans  are  a  great  option  for  you  if  you  do  not  have  great  credit,  but  do  have  a  clean  car  title.

The  value  of  a  car  title loan  general is between  $100  and $5,000,  but they can go  much  higher  depending on  the  value  of  your  car.  More than enough to cover rent for the month.

Car  title  loans  are  easily  accessible  online  from  a  number  of  different  online lenders,  and  you  can  provide  all  of  the  documents  necessary,  and  even  prove  the  value  of  your  car  online.  The downside  of  car  title  loans  is  that  they  do  come  with  very  high  interest  rates  and  annual  percentage rates.  The common payment  term  for  car  title  loans  is  just  one  month,  so  if  you  are  unable  to  pay  back  your  loan  within  that  time  period,  you  could  default  on  your  loan  and  having  your  car repossessed  by  the  lender  you  borrowed  from.

Reach Out to Local Charities

This  option  might  force  you  to  swallow  a  bit  of  your pride,  but  if  you’re  really  in  financial  trouble and if you’re truly worried  that  you  might  be  late  on  rent,  and  be  evicted  as  a  result,  you  should  take  advantage  of  all  possible  options.

Now is not the time to be ashamed about asking for help. Reach out to local organizations that could offer a helping hand. For example, the United Way offers a free service called 2-1-1 which connects those in need to  local  groups  that offer rent, utility, and housing assistance. In most areas, you can dial 2-1-1 to confidentially speak to a trained professional who could help ease the burden. You can also visit their website online to get more information.

Payday Loan

If your back is against the wall and you need cash fast, a payday loan is what some people go for, and has the benefit of being a fast way to obtain cash. Still, there are things to keep in mind when you are considering taking out a payday loan.

First off, payday loans are typically only worth to up to $500 – so they probably won’t cover the entire cost of rent for a month unless you live in a cheaper rent area. Secondly, it is important to know that after you get the cash, the payment term is quite shorts and you’ll have to pay back the value of the loan, plus a very high interest rate, by the end of your term. While payday loans certainly have their downsides, the upside of the loans is that they can be very easy to get and typically only require proof of income for you to be approved.

Get Cash by Donating Plasma

This may seem like a drastic option, but think about it: you can donate plasma, make some extra cash, and help your local medical community all in the same process. In most cases, individuals can make around $40 by donating plasma, and physicians say that you can donate plasma about two times a week.

Before you are eligible to donate, you will most likely have to go through a health evaluation. If you have a health insurance cover, that will make it a lot more easy. Beyond that, it is important to know that most people become fatigued after donating so it is important to bring a snack for later and, if possible, get a ride home from someone.

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