How to Apply for Add-On or Supplemental Life Insurance Policy

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Have you heard the term add-on or supplemental life insurance policy? I guess not, or probably you have, but you haven’t figured out how it works or how it could apply to you.

Let’s educate you on what a supplemental life insurance policy is and how you can get it added to your already existing premium plan.

What Is Supplemental or Add-on Life Insurance?

First, let’s see what this is, then we can walk you through some of the most important aspects of these types of policies.

What is supplemental life insurance? It is like an added feature inside a feature. Or to put it in a more simple phrase, an add-on policy as the name implies is an extra plan which you can add to your already existing plan. Not many people are utilizing this opportunity as many do not know about it and for those who might have accidentally heard about it, they do not have enough information to help them decide to key in.

To enlighten you further – Let’s say you already have a premium and you’d like an additional plan for another purpose, rather than subscribing as if you are starting from scratch, you can just apply for a supplementary policy.


How Can You Apply Supplemental Life Insurance?

There are two basic ways you can apply and we are going to walk you through these in a bit. We will also share with you the benefits of having a supplementary plan added to your already existing premium plan. For many, a basic policy is all they’re aware of, the knowledge of the extra advantages such as a supplementary policy isn’t shared with them, either by their employer or sometimes by the policyholder’s insurance company. 

So how can you apply for an add-on policy? It’s quite straightforward and we’ve made sure it is written in the simplest terms that you can understand. Read below!

1 . Through Your Employer

Some employers may allow you to add or apply for a supplementary policy under the one they’ve already subscribed you for, all you have to do is to ask if such opportunities are available, you never know what you’ll get until you ask. Most employers may not have the luxury of time to explain everything to you or some may just feel since you aren’t asking you’re just okay with the default plan.

2. Apply Personally

If your employer does not offer or doesn’t fund supplementary policies, depending on your financial capabilities you can personally reach out to the insurer to ask that they add a supplementary policy plan to your default plan.

In this case, you will be fully guided on how to go about all the requirements.

Although most policies are usually covered by the employer’s insurance plan. It would not harm to enquire from your employer or insurance company if you can get a supplementary policy before opting for this second option.

What Can Come Under Supplementary Policy

Most add-on policies are usually robust and you can enjoy access to a wider range of insurance benefits without having to buy them as independent plans.

Below (in no particular order) I’ve listed a few ones that might capture your interest – And not only that, if you are new to this, it’ll prepare your mind ahead in picking what’s best for you at this time or even in the future. 

Spousal Coverage

Like subscribing to an independent policy, you can request an add-on policy for your wife or what is also known as the “Domestic Partner Insurance” plan.

Burial Insurance

Burial supplementary policy plans are quite basic for most premiums, with low coverage ranging from 10,000 dollars down to 5000 dollars. It is usually to refute the bills for funeral rights of the policyholder.

Health Specific Insurance

This add-on policy is similar to the previous. It is used to settle bills for the policyholder should he/she die due to ailments such as cancer, or other terminal illness.

AD & D

AD & D is known as the “Accidental Death and Dismemberment” plan. It is usually paid if the holder suddenly dies or becomes incapacitated by paralysis. A fixed monthly remittance is given to the beneficiary.

And of course, there are other supplementary policies such as child insurance, which is paid out if a policyholder’s child dies. It is used to settle off burial rights and other expenses.


Should You Even Consider Add-on or Supplemental Life Policy?

In my opinion, it is a wise choice to make. When you opt for a supplementary policy, you’re making it easier to get more value, peace of mind, knowing that you have more cover when there’s a need to make use of any one of it.

There is almost no exhaustion, what you can cover under your insurance policy these days, more and more options are being reviewed from time to time and it is making life worth it. 

Turner Andrew
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