How Do I Cold Call a CEO and Get My Foot in the Door for My Newly Launched Commercial Insurance Brokerage Company

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Are you looking forward to launching a commercial insurance brokerage company and you are wondering if there’s a unique cold calling strategy you can use to get CEOs?

Or all you care about is how to reach a completely new audience that has never heard of your insurance agency before?

If that’s the case, then let me give you the breaking news first.

Cold calling is dead.

Trying to get your foot in the door by cold calling a CEO can be quite challenging. It may have worked in the past but right now, cold calling no longer works. 

Before I tell you what currently works when it comes to promoting your commercial insurance brokerage firm, let’s take a quick look at what cold-calling means.

What is Cold Calling in the Insurance Sector?

Cold calling is an act of making an unsolicited phone call to someone, in an attempt to sell them your insurance products. It’s more like selling to a completely cold audience that has never heard about your insurance company before.

Since the person you are trying to reach has never heard of your insurance company before, there’s a huge chance that they don’t need your insurance product or have already gotten one from another firm they are satisfied with.

Like every other product in the market, depending on cold calling alone is completely ineffective. Instead of thinking of better ways to boost your insurance cold calling results that actually don’t work, I will teach you other unique marketing strategies that work


Use Digital Marketing to Reach Wealthy CEOs When Launching a Commercial Insurance Brokerage Firm

Digital marketing for commercial insurance brokerage company

Instead of cold calling CEOs and getting bounced off and even blocked, smart insurance agencies are now using strategic digital marketing to reach more people willing to work with them.

Truth be told, the insurance clients you are looking for are also looking for you especially if your commercial insurance brokerage company has irresistible offers. CEOs want to save costs, so they are constantly looking for an insurer with a more affordable business insurance premium.

Don’t stress yourself cold-calling a client that probably doesn’t even want to hear from you when you can easily place eye-catching advertising campaigns on platforms where your ideal clients congregate. 

You can make them irresistible offers and use the opportunity to collect their email addresses.

By executing streamlined email marketing campaigns that further solve problems for them, they will trust your company enough to do business with you.

There has never been a better time to use email marketing to grow your business than now but unfortunately only very few insurance providers are using it.

The audiences you are trying to reach all use social media either for business or for fun. Why not meet them at a unique point?

If you prefer meeting clients one-on-one then you may need to consider attending industry business events where these ideal clients of yours will be present. At the event, make your brand conspicuous by asking intelligent questions and connecting with them.

Before attending such an event, look them up on LinkedIn and on their websites to learn more about them. Take note of the things you like about them and their session so that you will connect with them on that note.


What Does a Commercial Insurance Broker Do?

A commercial insurance broker helps business owners assess the risks their firms are facing. In doing so, the insurance broker is able to recommend the best insurance policy that addresses the identified risks. 

Depending on the situation at hand, a commercial insurance broker may also direct you to a lawyer. You can easily get an online insurance quote from your brokerage firm. A reliable commercial insurance broker can help you compare business insurance quotes from multiple insurers.

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