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How Do You Know a Bad Personal Injury Lawyer?

How to quickly identify a bad personal injury lawyer
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A personal injury case is a serious one that requires the help of a legal expert. If you aren’t well-informed you might get an unprofessional legal executive and that will be making your situation go from bad to worse. With experience and research, we have written about how to avoid fake solicitors.

10 Personal Injury Lawyers To Avoid

Identifying an unprofessional personal injury attorney is not a simple task that’s why we’ve made a list of 10 quacks to avoid.

1. Those That Mount Pressure On You

When you contact a compensation claim specialist for your case and he starts calling you on every hour to persuade you into hiring him to do the job, then you just contacted a quack.

Lawyers with good ethics call when only it’s needed or would be appreciated. A trained personal injury solicitor respects your space when you need to think of whom to hire in your case. They don’t pressurize you to get their patronage.

2. Those That Are Hard To Reach

When a person who claims to be a personal injury lawyer fails often in picking up his calls or giving feedback about your case, then he probably is a settlement mill lawyer.

A settlement mill lawyer is one who works for a law firm that handles a very large amount of cases. In many cases the firm hands over many cases for them to handle thereby making them over multitask and producing lesser results.

If you hire a settlement mill lawyer the chances that you’ll get your claim will be very slim because your case won’t be a priority to him.

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3. Those That Offer Guarantee

There is no guarantee anywhere that your claim will be received. A good lawyer can only weigh and predict the case to your favour before he accepts to be hired.

If your personal injury attorney is promising you a particular amount of claim assuring you that the case will be in your favour, then it’s a sign that he’s not a professional but a hungry man after your money.

4. Those that Have Been Sanctioned

Lawyers that have been sanctioned aren’t lawyers who made little mistakes. But lawyers who have perhaps had a perpetual bad record of fraud and dishonesty. 

Sanctions are also given to lawyers who steal money from clients, fail to properly keep track of client funds, settle cases without their client’s consent, or abandon their clients. So avoid these lawyers.

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5. Those That dabble In Your Case

Some lawyers specializes in fields not related to personal injury, such as criminal law, insurance defence, family law etc yet won’t decline of they get the opportunity to be hired as as a personal injury attorney.

Avoid these lawyers because they lack the experience needed to serve you to your satisfaction.

6. Those That Handle All Cases

Some lawyers have no specific niche in law. If you check their website you’ll notice that they can almost handle all cases. This is highly unprofessional. 

A personal injury case is not an easy case and requires an expert, not just any legal practitioner that handles different every other legal case, but one who is very experienced in handling the case.

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7. Those That Chase After You

There are lawyers who pay runners to go to hospitals or accident scenes to get clients for them. They try to persuade potential clients to hire a particular lawyer to handle their case. Please avoid them like plague because they are unprofessional personal injury lawyers that are more interested in your money.

8. Those That Have Poor Reputation

Don’t overlook online reviews of firms and lawyers because they say more about the kind of service you’ll likely get. If many people speak ill of a law firm then it’s better you don’t hire them for your personal injury case.

Go to Google, Yelp, AVVO, or an online directory of practicing attorneys to carefully check reviews. If a solicitor has poor or bad reviews then you should avoid them.

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9. Those That Are Uncertain On How To Bill

A good lawyer can clearly tell you the percentage they will give to each aspect of the case, the percentage they’ll be paid from your settlement, and how fees will be affected if your case goes to trial.

Any lawyer that cannot effectively divide your settlement to determine the percent that goes to outstanding legal fees, medical bills, and in some cases other expenses, like payments owed to insurance companies, is definitely a red flag.

10. Those That Expects You To Pay Too Early

Professional personal injury attorneys accept cases mostly on the basis of contingency. They get paid a particular percentage of your settlement. This means that they don’t expect to be paid until you have received the money.
They neither charge you from other sources or expects to be paid hourly wages. If they expect you to pay right away from your pocket then they are likely to be unprofessional who are only after your money.

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Also if he doesn’t belong to their association of American Personal Injury Attorneys, or any recognized association, then you should be careful.

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