How Much Does Allstate Car Insurance Cost for Lyft and Uber Drivers?

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What are the various car insurance discounts offered by Allstate? And how much does Allstate car insurance cost?

In this article, we shall cover most of the things you need to know about getting the best auto insurance quote from Allstate and their various coverage options.

Allstate is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States. With headquarters in Northfield Township, Illinois and employment capacity of 45,780 and net income of US$4.847 billion in 2019. 

Some of the basic auto insurance coverage options offered by Allstate are: comprehensive collision, liability and uninsured motorist coverage.

How Much Does Allstate Car Insurance Cost?

Allstate car insurance cost depends on the driver’s profile. The average being $176 per month or $1,056 for a 6-month period. Drivers with good credit (670 – 739) will be required to pay a premium of $169 per month while drivers with bad credit (300 – 579) will be required to pay a car insurance premium of $248.

If you’ve been issued a speeding ticket or you are at-fault in the accident (mainly found among young drivers) your average car insurance rate will be $194 and $251 respectively.


Breakdown of the Various Allstate Car Insurance Coverage Options

1. Ride-sharing coverage

Does Allstate provide ride-sharing car insurance coverage in the United States? The answer is yes but only in 47 states and Washington D.C. They do this by partnering with Lyft and Uber to ensure that all vehicles are protected throughout the work period. 

The Allstate’s ride-share coverage for Lyft and Uber works in such a way that it falls between your personal and commercial auto insurance. Your personal auto insurance covers you when you are offline, rideshare insurance policy and Lyft/Uber policy covers you when you are online but no ride request, Lyft/Uber policy covers you when you are online and you have a ride request but no rider and Lyft/Uber policy covers you when you are online and rider is in the vehicle.

These various ride-share insurance policies are classified as Period 0 to Period 3 respectively. 

2. Accident forgiveness

Before purchasing a policy from any insurer, you might need to ask your agent if your would-be insurance provider actually forgives and forgets.

Allstate’s accident forgiveness coverage ensures your preferred auto insurance company won’t raise your rate after your first accident — even if you’re at fault.

To qualify for Allstate’s accident forgiveness coverage in the USA, you must purchase YourChoice Plan which can only be achieved using the company’s Gold or Platinum coverage plan.

Unlike most states in the United States, Allstate’s accident forgiveness coverage is not available in California. California drivers might like to check out this article that reveals how to get the best car insurance company for DUI.

3. Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is one of the most dynamic car insurance coverage options sold by Allstate to her policyholders. 

Ridesharing coverage offered by Allstate car insurance cost

Allstate Insurance has three tiers of roadside assistance. These 3 tiers of roadside assistance are, membership, pay-per-use, and roadside coverage. When looking for the best emergency roadside assistance program as a driver in the United States, Allstate is among the insurers that quickly come to mind.

The membership tier of Allstate’s roadside assistance insurance package provides the most robust coverage, although both pay-per-use and roadside coverage also provide 24/7 protection against dead batteries and flat tires. Of course, before settling for anyone, ensure you compare insurance quotes online. Some Allstate partners and agents are willing to give you a free quote.


4. Allstate Drivewise

Allstate has a usage-based insurance program called Drivewise. The way Drivewise works is that it uses a mobile app to track the behaviour of drivers in order to accurately predict the best car insurance premium for them.

When using Allstate’s Drivewise app, having a good driving habit can earn you a big discount on your insurance rate. See how to download the Allstate mobile app.

5. New car replacement

When looking for the best insurer in the United States that offers new car replacement insurance, look no further because Allstate’s replacement car insurance is indeed a worthy add-on.

If your new vehicle is two years old or less, Allstate will replace your vehicle with a new one in the event of a total loss, rather than issuing a check for its depreciated value.

On the contrary, MetLife and Liberty Mutual will only replace or pay cash equivalent if the car is less than a year old and has only covered not more than 15,000 miles.

6. Vanishing deductible

What is a vanishing deductible for car insurance? A vanishing deductible for car insurance refers to a program in which your car insurance deductible will decrease each year you’ve been accident-free.

Allstate’s Deductible Rewards offering provides a $100 deductible discount for every accident-free year free of insurance claims.  Learn more about vanishing deductible in this article.


7. Safe driving bonus

Allstate’s safe driving bonus rewards safe drivers by providing a check in the mail every six months if you steer clear of collisions and maintain a good driving record.

Final Word

Allstate car insurance cost for Lyft and Uber drivers depends on mainly four factors: Period 0 to Period 3.

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