How To Compare Private Medical Insurance

compare private medical insurance
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Private medical insurance helps you cover the cost of private healthcare. This post is a guide on how to compare private medical insurance in the United Kingdom.

Also known as health insurance, private medical insurance in the United Kingdom helps to eliminate the very lengthy waiting lists on the NHS.

When you fall sick or sustain an injury, your recovery can be initiated immediately when you have medical insurance in place.

Typically, your medical insurance policy makes you eligible for quick medical attention and also covers your medical expenses.

With a private medical insurance policy, you get to choose your preferred hospital and consultant. You can also enjoy the summoning of a GP.

Should your ill health warrant a stay in the hospital, you are guaranteed a clean, private room all to yourself for the period of your stay.

Interestingly, health insurance companies make policy provisions that meet the needs of every family.

Each company offers various levels of coverage that customers are at liberty to choose from.

There is cover available to an individual, a couple, and the entire family.

As an individual, you can get private medical insurance suited just for you. It helps cover the cost of private healthcare and gives one access to the best healthcare providers available.

If you get married, you can add your partner to your already existing health insurance or purchase one for the both of you.

This way you and your spouse enjoy health insurance coverage.

You can also secure insurance as a family as your family grows. Getting health insurance for children is not feasible as they have to be included as part of the family to get insured.

While you may pay more to add children to your family private medical insurance, some companies lets you do so at no extra charge.

Before I show you how to compare private medical insurance, let me explain how it works.


How Private Medical Insurance Policies Work?

When you have this insurance cover in place, you enjoy the following privileges:

You become injured or ill and require treatment.

You visit your GP and are provided with a referral to see a specialist or receive hospital treatment.

The information given to you by your GP is sent to your insurer’s claims department, who then need to pre-authorize treatment.

Proceed with your consultation once the insurer has agreed to cover it.

Aside from your excess and any other excluded items, the insurer settles the bill with your private healthcare provider.


How To Compare Private Medical Insurance

When you want to compare private medical insurance there are a couple of things you should do. They are:

  1. Identify the kind of policy you need and how much cover you want to have.
  2. Review every available option you have got. Do not jump at just any insurance provider, review as many as meet your coverage needs.
  3. Collect and compare quotes from health insurance companies
  4. Provide every information necessary for your insurance policy
  5. Ensure the policy you get meets your needs before finalising your application

Applying for Private Health Insurance

Many Health Insurance policies present a nearly overwhelming amount of options when it comes to your level of cover. For that reason, you may consider speaking to a financial adviser to find out which kinds of cover are worth adding to your policy.



With the growing demand for private medical insurance, knowing how to compare private medical insurance is a skill that can not be overlooked.

I am sure you now understand how to successful compare private medical insurance that will suit your needs. Following the best practices I have shared will help you secure the most fitting insurance for yourself.

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