How to Get GEICO Car Insurance Discounts

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One of the most asked questions by GEICO customers and intending customers is: How do I get GEICO car insurance discounts?

The biggest expectation of every policyholder is to get an affordable car insurance quote with all the features and benefits intact irrespective of what their driving record has been in the past.

And if they are impressed with the insurer, they will have an additional expectation, and which is to get car insurance discounts either on their second car insurance coverage or a referral discount.

If any of these two expectations are met, then there’s a guarantee that your insurance company is going to become the most talked-about insurer in the United States, the U.K, Australia, Canada and other parts of the world.

But unfortunately, no car insurance company offers a referral discount when someone else gets their cars insured as a result of your recommendation.

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The insurance regulation doesn’t approve that so that people won’t go about recommending bad insurance companies just because of the insurance discounts they will likely get.

But on the flip side, there’s still a strategy put in place to help you get car insurance discounts, especially if you decide to work with the second-largest insurance company in the United States, GEICO.

If you’ve been desiring to get GEICO car insurance discounts then you need to pay attention to this article.

As an existing customer of GEICO, you can easily cut your car insurance costs just by merely making a simple phone call – 800-207-7847

To get you started, here are steps to take in order to get the best GEICO car insurance discounts:

  1. Switch to automatic debit from your checking account if you are a Bank of America customer and GEICO will automatically knock off 3% from your premium.
  1. Take a few minutes, always not more than 5 minutes to check if you are a member of a Partnering Organization. GEICO offers discounts to members of over 275 groups that they partner with. Read up this article to see a couple of these groups.
  2. If you are a member of the military. This includes active duty, retired, reserves, and the National Guard, you will get 15% off your car insurance costs.
  3. Always let your customer service agent know you use seatbelts when discussing with them over the phone.
  4. Do not forget to let the GEICO insurance customer service agent on the phone know that you now park your car in a garage. That alone can automatically give you impressive car insurance discounts.
  5. If you take a defensive driving course and present the certificate to prove that you will get a 5 -10% discount, especially if you are 50 and above. You can call it a car insurance discount for the seniors.


It’s possible we missed out on some of the GEICO car insurance discounts but when you sign in to, you will be able to review other discounts offered online.

Oftentimes, your ability to perfectly negotiate your auto insurance rates and get a discount on your car insurance rate is as a result of the state you live in.

The car insurance rate offered by the same company is not the same in all the states in the United States.

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