How to Protect Your Vehicle with These Anti-Theft Devices

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A study by the Insurance Information Institute (III) suggests that the rate of auto thefts in the country dropped by 3.1 percent between 2017 and 2018. This report also indicates that a fair number of these thefts occur due to the carelessness of the driver. Between 2016 and 2018, 229,339 thefts occurred when the driver left the key inside the vehicle. 

Meanwhile, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s latest findings, in 2019, eleven states in the country saw an increase in auto thefts compared to the previous year. Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, and Nebraska are among these eleven states. 

Top 5 Auto-theft Hotspots in the United States in 2019

  1. Bakersfield, CA
  2. Albuquerque, NM
  3. St. Joseph, MO
  4. Odessa, TX
  5. Modesto, CA  
Top 5 auto-theft hotspots in the United States in 2019 by NICB
Top 5 auto-theft hotspot in the United States in 2019 – Source – NICB

As the above table indicates, Bakersfield has the highest rate of auto theft in the country. In fact, among the top ten hotspots, four belong to the state of California.


4 Things to Do to Protect Your Car from Auto-theft

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) also recommends that drivers and car owners follow four layers of protection to safeguard one’s vehicle from auto-theft.

  • Common Sense: It is essential to lock the doors and roll up the windows before leaving the vehicle. Common sense also dictates that you do not forget to take the key with you after locking the vehicle.
  • Immobilizing Devices: Devices like smart-keys and fuel pump disablers will help immobilize the vehicle and prevent thieves from bypassing the ignition system.
  • Warning Devices: The most common layer of protection in which an alarm goes off when someone attempts to break into the vehicle. Tire clamps and steering wheel locks are other visual devices that can add a layer of protection.
  • Tracking Devices: Devices that use wireless GPS technology in helping track your vehicle when it is moving. Modern tracking devices are developing new features, as explored below. 

Anti-theft devices not only help in keeping your vehicles safe but can also help in garnering discounts on auto insurance. This reduces the risk of being covered by the insurer. 

The value of discounts that these devices fetch depends on the state in which the car is insured and a few other factors that can affect your car insurance rates in the United States

Popular anti-theft devices that can help you reduce your car insurance costs
Reduce your car insurance rates with these anti-theft devices


Best Brands of Anti-theft GPS Device

GPS devices are mighty helpful in tracking the location of your vehicle.

1. Bouncie

Bouncie offers a plug-in GPS tracker that makes it quite easy to use. It provides several insights into reviewing a trip, right from the amount of time the vehicle was idle to the maximum speed and efficiency attained during the trip. 

2. Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker

This is another efficient tracking device that can help keep your vehicle safe. The device has a battery life of over two and a half weeks. It also comes with an SOS button, which can be used in the event of an emergency. 

3. Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs is another brand that offers GPS tracking devices. It not just provides real-time locations but also offers information on the performance of the vehicle.

4. Steering wheel lock

Car-lock systems can vary according to the size and model of the vehicle. Here are a few foolproof ways of keeping your vehicle safe.

5. The Club 2100

A car lock device that is most often used to keep your SUVs safe. This is resistant to sawing and hammering. It also provides added protection against lock-picking.                              

6. Disklok

The makers of Disklok claim that it is the “world’s strongest steering wheel lock.” It is imperative to measure the diameter of the steering wheel before deciding on a lock. 


Car key protector

Disklabs Faraday Bags

While technology has improved by leaps and bounds to include advancements like keyless entry, this could also be detrimental to the safety of one’s vehicle. Protecting the key in metal-lined pouches provides additional safety for your key. 


CCTVs are equipped to protect your household from intruders; Dashcams serve a similar purpose in cars. Here are some of the best dashcams in the market that are equipped to make your ride safer.

1. Thinkware Q800PRO

Thinkware claims that this is a dashcam that can “do it all.” It comprises a 5.14 MP Sony STARVIS image sensor that is known for its clear video quality. Sony STARVIS also provides quality night vision. 

Its wide-viewing angle may also be an added advantage. Thinkware’s cloud systems can assist drivers in tracking the location of their vehicles. Users can also set a geofencing radius. The user will be notified if the vehicle travels beyond that radius.

2. Garmin Dashcam

Another high-end dashcam that possesses a 180-degree field of view. The device is quite compact and has a voice-control feature. The camera also saves footage if an incident occurs. It requires a memory card for storage purposes. 


Zimlon aims to help consumers find insurance quotes at affordable rates. While insurance companies provide discounts to good drivers and students, improving the safety of the vehicle can also help in garnering discounts. Discounts on anti-theft devices will range from 15 to 20 percent of your comprehensive coverage.

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