Does Independence Matter for Claims

Why independence matter for claims
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One of the top questions in the minds of any policyholder looking forward to making a claim is whether independence matter for claims or not?

Insurance companies in all the states, be it California, Florida, or New York, focus on clients’ needs when promoting themselves, but you may be disappointed when you file for a claim and expects to be indemnified.

Recovery on a claim is a process that requires expertise to secure a fair settlement. Your carrier has experts assigned to adjust and audit your claim, because of this, you should have experts to help you determine the value of your losses and prepare a well-documented claim.

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Claims adjusting is the process of determining coverage, legal liability, and settling a claim. The essence of the claim function is to fulfill the insurer’s promises to its policyholders.

But if you want the best chance to be made whole, then you should look beyond expertise — independence does matter. That’s why you should go for a forensic accounting firm as your team.

Where forensic accounting firms exist in the insurance industry are listed below:

  • Insurance company forensic accountants
  • Insurance broker forensic accountants
  • Consulting firms with a forensic accounting service offering
  • Accounting firms with a forensic accounting service offering
  • Independent loss accounting firms

Your insurance company won’t provide unbiased service to you because they are out to make a profit and will try to minimize the cost of indemnity.

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That’s why it’s not advisable to rely on your insurance company accountants.

If you will use your broker for claim preparation, consider an independent one that focuses on you alone. 

Also, consider what it means if your claim preparation accounting firm is also the auditor for your insurer. This is why independence matter for claims.

As you can see, there will be conflicts on both sides. Why not avoid potential risk?

To avoid these conflicts you’ll need to work with an independent specialist.

As a businessman or a businesswoman it’s your right and duty to value your losses for submission to insurer. So be sure to hire a firm that is good in  preparing a claim and is working completely for your success.

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However, you need to also ask yourself if it is really worth it making a home insurance claim? That’s if it was a home insurance policy you purchased.

In some states, filing just one homeowner’s insurance claim can hike your premiums by 20 percent for years to come. Obviously, it’s not ideal to pay higher premiums over a $1,000 claim you could have paid for yourself. In some situations, keeping your record clear is actually more beneficial than filing for a payout.

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