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Infinity Insurance
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When it comes to non-standard insurance companies in the United States, one name that always stands out is Infinity Insurance. This is why I came up with this Infinity Insurance review

Often referred to as Infinity Auto Insurance, the company is ranked 13th on the list of largest car insurance companies in the US.

They are reckoned for their services and sale of insurance products to people in the Hispanic community of America.

The Hispanic community is made up of people from South and Central America who live in the United States. The community also includes people from Spanish nations.

This article is an Infinity Insurance review and I have tried to explain everything the auto insurance company is about and the kinds of insurance solutions they offer.

I have also highlighted and answered a couple of FAQs about the auto insurer.

If you have been in search of a comprehensive Infinity Insurance review, you just stumbled on the right article.

To begin this Infinity Insurance review, let’s do a quick rundown on the company and what they are about.


About Infinity Insurance Company

Infinity Auto Insurance is a subsidiary of the Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation headquartered in the US.

Using Infinity Insurance as their auto insurance arm, the corporation adopts a market segmentation strategy to help them sell their insurance products.

The market segmentation strategy they have adopted makes them provide insurance policies only to the Hispanic community living in 7 states of the United States.

Although the Infinity auto insurance website is bankrupt of information concerning the company and their services, I made a few discoveries.

One of such discoveries is that the company provides the following insurance products:

If you are from anywhere in South or Central America or a Spanish nation living in the US, you can get any of the above insurance products from Infinity.

How to Get Infinity Insurance Quote

Getting an Infinity Insurance quote is free, easy, and hassle-free.

To get a free quote from Infinity, call the Infinity Insurance customer care on the number 1-800-463-4648.

Also, you can visit the Infinity website to get a free quote.

How to File an Infinity Insurance Claim

One of the most important aspects of the insurance process is the filing of claims. At Infinity Insurance, a policyholder can file claims using any of the following media:

  1. The Infinity Auto Insurance app
  2. Infinity auto insurance phone number
  3. Online login

I will explain how you can use each medium shortly. Let’s start with the Infinity auto insurance app.

Infinity Auto Insurance App

The mobile app from Infinity is an initiative to help policyholders manage their policies. The app is fast and secure and can be used to file a claim.

Android phone users can download the app from Google Play Store while iPhone users can get the app on the Apple App Store.

When you launch the app and sign in with your details, you will be able to file a claim.

Next is the online login step.

Infinity Insurance Login

You can also file a claim via the Infinity website by logging in to your account.

To do so, simply login to your Infinity account using the details you were given when you registered.

After successfully logging in, go to the claim section on your dashboard.

In the claim section, you will see options such as view your policy, current claim status, history of previous claims, and so on.

Lastly, we have the Infinity Insurance phone number.

Infinity Insurance Phone Number

The faster you file a claim, the better your chances of getting it resolved quickly. Fast claims filing can be actualized when you call the Infinity Insurance customer care line.

The Infinity Insurance phone number to call for fast claim filing and resolution is 1 (800) 334 – 1661

Here’s what to do when you are filing a claim using this method.

Call the number given above and follow the prompts I am going to show you.

Press 1 if you want to be served in English.

Press 2 to be served in Spanish

Press 1 to file a claim or report an accident

Press 1 if you are a policyholder and then you will be asked to enter your policy number.

If you do not own a policy, press 2 and you would be transferred to an Infinity agent.

You can also check the status of a claim using the phone number. Here’s how it works:

Call the number 1 (800) 334 – 1661 and follow the prompts below.

Press 1 to be served in English Language

Press 2 to be served in Spanish

Press 2 for an existing claim

You are definitely a policyholder, so press 1 for policyholder and enter your policy number otherwise Press 2.

If you press 2, you would be transferred to an agent.


Answers to Popular FAQs on Infinity

What is Infinity DriverClub®?

The Infinity DriverClub is aimed at providing free roadside assistance for Infinity auto insurance policyholders.

Free roadside assistance is available to all policyholders 24/7, every day of the week.

Anyone who has enrolled in the Infinity DriverClub can request roadside assistance even if they are not driving.

You can be a member of the Infinity DriverClub and then the bus you are in breaks down, you can request roadside assistance.

There is an important downside to the Infinity DriverClub. Only the search for a provider is free.

Any service rendered to you or your vehicle will be paid for.

Do Infinity Insurance Cover DUI Accidents?

Infinity Insurance may not cover DUI accidents.

Damages to your car caused by a DUI accident would not be covered by Infinity.

Does Infinity Insurance Charge a Cancellation Fee?

Infinity Insurance charges a cancelation fee when you cancel your policy before the contract’s end date.

Do not cancel your auto insurance policy until you have consulted with your insurance agent and gotten professional advice. 

Does Infinity Insurance Have a Grace Period?

Yes. Speculations have it that the grace period offered by Infinity is around 15 days.

Does Infinity Insurance Cover Windshield Damages?

Yes. When you have comprehensive auto insurance from Infinity, it covers windshield damages. 

Does Infinity life insurance offer whole term life insurance?

Infinity offers life insurance. The Infinity life insurance offers term life insurance cover.

As an intending policyholder, you can choose between a 10-year, 15-year, 20-year, and 30-year term insurance.

Does Infinity offer discounts for young drivers?

Students under the age of 25 enjoy a discount from Infinity Auto.

One must be a full-time student, with a B, and a 3.0+ average to be eligible for the discount.

In addition to the academic feats, a young driver must not have a traffic offense before their application. 


Does Bad Credit Score Affect My Infinity Car Insurance Costs?

Your credit score does affect the cost of your insurance policy at Infinity.

When you have a low credit score, the cost of your auto insurance policy will be increased.

Does Infinity Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Yes, it does but not as part of its comprehensive car insurance.

Cover for rental cars is an optional cover at Infinity. You add the rental car cover to your policy but it comes with a daily limit.

When you exceed the daily limit, you would be liable for whatever costs you incur after that.

That does it on my Infinity Insurance review. hope you got value? Do share.

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