Insurance Blogs that Accept Guest Post and How to Apply

Insurance blogs that accept guest posts
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Are you an insurance freelance writer, an underwriter, an independent agent/broker or you are running an insurance agency or company and would like to get featured in one of the fastest-growing insurance blogs in the United States?

Insurance blogs that accept guest posts

If yes, then you have come to the end of your search because in this article, we will not only show you insurance blogs that accept guest posts, but we will also show you the guide on how you can apply.

Intro on Pitching an Insurance Blog for a Guest Post

Getting featured in an insurance blog is always considered one of the hardest things to do because of the prestige with which insurance bloggers carry themselves. It doesn’t matter whether it is a car insurance blog, a health insurance blog, a life insurance blog, yoga, homeowners’ or a travel insurance blog, it is a big deal to get featured in an insurance blog.

Honestly, you don’t have to blame them for this because quite a good number of them are no learners. Not just that, the amount of energy it takes to make an insurance blog rank on the first page of Google is not an easy one. So after spending so much energy to build such a high level of trust, credibility and exposure, they wouldn’t dare accept anyhow kind of insurance guest post on their blog.


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For you to pitch an insurance blog and get them to listen to you, you must know so much about the topic you want to write about and your pitch must be very compelling. Many insurance companies are constantly looking for writers to help them generate more leads and grow their company.

How to pitch an insurance blog is not different from what you would have done ordinarily if you are to pitch a high-profiled business blog. However, it’s important you state your topic clear, give a compelling concept about your topic, and show your social proof if you have any.

Insurance Blogs that Accept Guest Writers

Whether you are running an insurance blog or you are just a freelance writer building a career in the insurance niche, here are sites you can reach out to now to have your article published on their platform. We will cover business insurance blogs, car insurance blogs, health insurance blogs and life insurance blogs that accept guest posts.

1. Auto Insure Savings is a US-based insurance blog that accept guest articles focusing on car insurance, car repair, an overview of vehicles, and other insurance-related information.

There’s no special certification before you can write for Auto Insure Savings. All you need to do is to be a good writer and of course write something that will be relevant to their audience. You may want to check their submission guidelines so that your guest post on this auto insurance blog won’t be rejected. has a domain authority rating of 21.

2. US Insurance Agents

To become one of the contributing writers to U.S. Insurance Agents is very easy if you can come up with a spam-free article, high-quality content, and a supporting image you have the copyright to.

They have a special way they manage theirs, in that you must have an account created with them first and your account verified before you can contact them with your guest post. To know more details on how you can guest post on US Insurance Agents, please look for details here.

USInsuranceAgents has a domain authority rating of 52.


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3. InsuranceSplash Blog

InsuranceSplash Blog believes that its major audience are insurance agents. So, if you have something you can present to this set of people that will help to increase the perception they have about you, go ahead and reach them with your guest post.

To know more details on how you can apply as a guest author on InsuranceSplash, follow their guidelines here. has a domain authority rating of 38.

Become a guest writer for insurance blogs

4. Black Box Insurance Reviews

Black Box Insurance Reviews offer individuals the opportunity to use their platform in airing their views concerning policies in the insurance industry. They also have a provision for companies that would like to use their blog to announce new product release that will be of great benefit to their audience.

To become one of the guest authors, click on this link for guidelines. has a domain authority rating of 17.

5. National Online Insurance School

In order to get featured on National Online Insurance School as a guest writer, your content must be original, contain between 500 to 1500 words, it must be free of grammatical errors and due credit is given to wherever your image was lifted from with their permission. Read details of their guidelines here. has a domain authority rating of 30.

6. D & O Diary is Kevin M. LaCroix’s blog. He’s an attorney and Executive Vice President of RT ProExec, a division of R-T Specialty, LLC. His company, RT ProExec is an insurance intermediary focused on management liability issues.

To submit a guest post on, contact him here has a domain authority rating of 53.

7. My Top Insurance Blogs

It will be an error if we forget to tell our readers, insurance companies/agents and insurance writers that we accept guest posts and sponsored posts as well.

We are also looking forward to partnering with any reputable company to have them embed their insurance calculator on our site.

We accept all quality and original articles that are relevant to the insurance industry. If you think you have what it takes to write for us, please, read these guest post guidelines.


The list can be endless but this is all we could find at the moment but we will continue to update it. However, you can always help us. If there’s any insurance blog that was mentioned here which you think also accepts guest post, please feel free to mention that in the comments below. If possible, tell us a few things about them and how to apply.

Thank you.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start pitching them.

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