High-Paying Insurance Affiliate Programs Offered by Different Companies

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If you are looking to make money online as an insurance blogger or as an insurance agent, one of the unique and most profitable ways to do that is to look for the best insurance companies that offer affiliate programs and register as an insurance affiliate marketer.

Trying to search this on the web can be very time consuming. So, as it is customary to us, today, we shall be giving a rundown list of insurance companies you can register as an affiliate and start generating steady income from your blog.

In case you have no idea of how insurance affiliate marketing works, hold on let’s explain that you.

How Insurance Affiliate Marketing Works

Insurance affiliate marketing is a means of making money online where an insurance blogger or an insurance agent earns a commission anytime a client buys insurance or ask for a quote through their referral link.

The amount you are paid is predetermined by the insurance company you are working with. In a previous post, we showed you how Hagerty Insurance affiliate program works and we also showed you how you can make as much as $8 per lead from Allstate affiliate program. But today, we will reveal to you other profitable insurance affiliate marketing programs.

If you are running a travel blog, travels and tour company or you own a travel insurance agency, you can sign up with any travel insurance affiliate programs and earn a handsome commission for every lead and quote you generate using your affiliate link.

Disclaimer: It’s true there’s no limit to how much you can make working as an affiliate to insurance companies, but your income will be largely dependent on the number of visitors you get who are interested in buying insurance or completing a quote. If you know how to sell more insurance, it will be a huge advantage for you.

Here’s an infographic detailing the highest paying insurance affiliate programs, how to sign up and how to monetize your insurance blog through affiliate marketing.

Infographic of insurance affiliate programs
The Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

Top Insurance Affiliate Programs

1. GEICO Insurance Affiliate Program

When you are looking for the best auto insurance affiliate program that pays really well, one of the first places you should look at is becoming a marketing partner with GEICO. GEICO affiliate program is not one you can easily overcome.

In one of our articles, we share with you how GEICO became the second largest auto insurance company in the United States and today, we shall be looking at how you too can make a lot of money from your blog or as an agent by simply recommending GEICO.

GEICO insurance is one of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies and since 1936, they have always taken the lead in insuring automobile drivers.

Becoming a marketing partner with GEICO Insurance is not easy as you must have some basic qualifications before contacting them for reviews.

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Qualifications for Becoming GEICO Insurance Affiliate Marketing Partner

Your group qualifies as:

  • A group with a minimum of 50,000 active members
  • professional association
  • An alumni associationcollege or university
  • A society or charity
  • An employer or other types of organizations with qualifying members

If you meet these requirements, visit this link and fill the form and they will contact you: https://www.geico[dot]com/public/forms/organization-discount.php

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2. Ladder Life Insurance Affiliate

Ladder Life Insurance now offers a unique and modern way to apply for life insurance. Unlike most corrupt insurance companies, Ladder Life offers term life insurance with no commissioned sales agents or fees.

This is because they understood that life insurance ought to be dynamic. As a result, they grant you the customer liberty to decrease your coverage whenever you want without any stress or charges.

If you as an insurance blogger or agent would like to be a part of Ladder Life’s affiliate program, go to the advertiser’s section on Commission Junction to register.

Once you sign up, they will provide you with banner ads, tracking tools, reporting tool and text links. With a super helpful affiliate manager attached to you, you can be sure of getting all the help you need to consistently increase your affiliate commissions.

Amazingly, Ladder Life Insurance will pay you a commission of $75 for every verified lead you bring to them. Their cookies last for a period of 60 days. Meaning, you still have a chance to earn from every lead you generate for them within 90 days that a customer clicks and signs up using your Ladder Life affiliate link.

Ladder Life Insurance affiliate is believed to be the highest paying insurance affiliate program in the United States. Their life insurance affiliate program pay a $75 commission for every verified lead. This is far beyond what Allstate affiliate program pays.

Needless to say, this is the best life insurance affiliate program. If you have a large blog following and you are promoting this life insurance company, chances are, you will be generating at least $7,500 on autopilot from your site.


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3. Liberty Mutual Insurance Affiliate

Liberty Mutual Personal Insurance is a Boston based insurance company. They may not have the highest paying insurance affiliate program but truth be told, Liberty Mutual Insurance is a reliable company you can work with when you want to make money promoting other company’s insurance policies.

Anytime a visitor to your site clicks on Liberty Mutual’s referral link and completes a quote, you get paid as high as $17. Imagine if you are able to drive as much as 50 quotes per day and you do this consistently for 30, that’s a huge passive income. To become a Liberty Mutual’s affiliate marketer/publisher, read: How to Make $17 Per Lead as a Liberty Mutual Affiliate Partner.

4. Allianz Travel Insurance Affiliate

This U.S. based insurance company, popularly known as Allianz Global Assistance offers affiliate program where publishers are allowed to enjoy a 45 days cookie duration.

What that means is that if someone clicks on their affiliate link on your site today and ends up purchasing an insurance plan, often travel insurance within the next 45 days, you will still be paid a commission.

If your blog discusses travel insurance or you are a travel blogger, becoming a publisher with Allianz Global Assistance will be a huge advantage for you. To become one of their insurance affiliate promoters, register now at AllianzTravelInsurance[dot]com/about/affiliate-program.htm

best insurance affiliate programs

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5. Allstate Affiliate

For every auto, motorcycle or renters insurance quote referral, Allstate Corporation, acclaimed to be U.S. largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurer pay online publishers as high as $8 per lead.

Allstate tops the list of the most famous insurers offering auto insurance affiliate program.

However, Allstate Insurance does not underwrite in cities like California, Florida and New York. To become one of Allstate Insurance affiliate marketer, read: How to Make $8 Per Lead from Allstate Affiliate Program.

6. Quoteline Direct Affiliate

Though Quoteline Direct is not an insurance company but an independent broker but they still offer one of the best insurance affiliate by connecting insurance publishers to firms where they get paid for bringing leads. Like we’d said, if you get more clients for the insurance company, you increase your chances of being paid more.

7. Hiscox Insurance Affiliate

Hiscox pays online publishers $25 each time record shows that a client completed a quote through the affiliate link you shared on your blog, email list or social media platform.

This company is affiliated to Commission Junction – so if you already have an account there, getting on board becomes easier.

It’s not enough learning how to save money on your insurance, if you are not making money for recommending an insurance company then I wonder how you intend to be rich very fast. If growing a multi-million dollar business as an insurance blogger ever crossed your mind becoming an insurance affiliate to some of these companies will be one of the wisest decisions you will make today.

Hiscox Insurance Affiliate has a cookie of just 7 days.

8. eHealthInsurance Affiliate Program

How to earn $75 USD as an eHealthInsurance Affiliate
How to earn $75 USD as an eHealthInsurance Affiliaterogra

If you are building a health insurance blog, chances are, you also would want to make money from it even when you sleep or travel the world. If this is true, then I welcome you to the best platform ever where you can earn a huge commission for every health insurance lead you generate.

eHealthInsurance is a top online health insurance source strictly for individuals and families in the United States. They offer health insurance affiliate programs to agents and bloggers that help them generate health insurance quotes. This company has a relationship with over 180 health insurance carriers and offers more than 10,000 health insurance products.

They are the only site that allows you to view quotes, compare plans side by side, and apply for insurance all online with the eSign technology. eHealthInsurance by all standards offers one of the best health insurance affiliate programs in the United States.

Along with their applications, the affiliate should send an email to [email protected] with a description of their promotional methods, websites, and where eHealthInsurance will be promoted to ensure program quality. To apply as one of the eHealthInsurance affiliate agent, you can search for them now in the advertiser’s section on Commission Junction.

Amazingly, they willing to provide you with all the valuable marketing materials, strategies and tools you will need to become a super affiliate.

eHealthInsurance affiliates can earn $50 for individual and family applications, $10 for short term, $10 for student, $10 for dental, and $75 for small business group applications.

Their cookie last for a period of 120 days. Visit: https://www.ehealthinsurance[dot]com/about-ehealth/affiliate-program

8. Assetsure Affiliate Program

Assetsure is a London-based reseller of various insurance products. Assetsure is the trading name of Hildon Park Limited.

Their policies are underwritten by a number of insurance companies. You can sign up with them today as one of the Assetsure affiliate partners in selling the following insurance policies; Jewellery insurance, wedding insurance, home insurance, car insurance, etc.

To join Assetsure insurance affiliate program use this link,

Please note that some of these companies we listed out their affiliate programs also extends their services to the United Kingdom, (UK) Canada and even Australia. Always make inquiries to be sure the home, car, travel, health, yoga or business insurance affiliate program you choose are operational in the countries where your target audiences are.

Targeting prospectus insurance policyholders in India with a policy that is only sold in the United States of America is a waste of time.

In addition to these ones, we listed here, you can get more from any of the reliable insurance affiliate networks. You will be amazed that some of them are offering the highest paying insurance affiliate program.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting Insurance Affiliate Products

Below are the top 3 mistakes every insurance agent must avoid when promoting any affiliate programs.

1. Making the mistake of prioritizing selling over helping

It’s a big red flag for your audience to perceive that you are more interested in the commission you are about to than in actually helping them. For you to make more sales promoting any insurance affiliate products, you must show it that you genuinely care by giving honest reviews. If a company is terrible paying claims, say it.

2. Feeding your audience with low-quality content

You must have heard it that the brand that educate her audience most wins. It’s true. For you to stand out, you must focus your attention on publishing high-quality content. And this high-quality content should be well-optimized for search engines. If you can’t afford to write SEO content, hire a ghostwriter.

3. Having a shallow understanding of the insurance product

To stand out as an insurance agent, you must learn as many things as you can about the product you are promoting. Do not sell an insurance product you don’t understand. Are there clauses, negative reviews, an ongoing court case or special programs regarding the insurance company you are promoting? Equip yourself with an adequate information.


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