Life Insurance for Pregnant Women

Things That Determine How Much A Pregnant Woman Will Pay For Life Insurance
Pregnant Woman
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One of the most popular questions expectant mothers ask is, “Should I get a life insurance as a pregnant woman?”

If I should, what are some of the things I should be considering that will help me get an affordable life insurance as a pregnant mother?

While we’ve tried to answer this question and more in our previous article, “Can I get a life insurance as a pregnant woman?” we will still like to throw more light to it in this article.

First, you must understand that being pregnant should not exempt you from getting a life insurance. In fact, we won’t be wrong to say that an expectant mother deserve life insurance more than anyone else.

However, there are basically 3 things to take note of before selecting a life insurance if you are pregnant. These things to a large extent will determine how much your life insurance agent for pregnant women will charge.

If you can keep them at the appropriate level, you won’t have much to pay for your life insurance policy.

3 Things That Determine How Much A Pregnant Woman Will Pay For Life Insurance

Things That Determine How Much A Pregnant Woman Will Pay For Life Insurance

Pregnant Woman

#1. Blood Pressure

One of the top things life insurance companies look out for before selling insurance to a pregnant woman is healthy blood pressure. If you have a healthy blood pressure, you are more likely going to buy a more affordable life insurance

For those that do not know. Blood pressure is the measure of the amount of pressure the blood exerts against your artery walls when the heart contracts. This determines the state of your health.

Elevated blood pressure can indicate several dangerous medical conditions and can also increase a person’s risk of heart attack and heart failure. Unfortunately, blood pressure can vary greatly while you’re pregnant and high blood pressure when you’re pregnant can lead to dangerous complications like preeclampsia.

#2. Cholesterol

Insurance companies love to keep an eye on your cholesterol. This is because elevated cholesterol levels are associated with several heart conditions and strokes.

Keeping an eye on your cholesterol level is one of the ways life insurance companies reduce risk when dealing with pregnant women.

Your cholesterol levels will rise naturally while you’re pregnant, but if your levels increase too much it could cause some concern for any life insurance company you want to buy policy from. Most life insurance companies prefer that you have a cholesterol level below 200, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your levels. Don’t leave it to chance.

#3. Weight

Weight is a big matter of concern for most life insurance companies. One of the reasons it’s best to apply for insurance during the first trimester is because your weight has not been affected much at that time.

Generally speaking, insurance companies greatly prefer you to be within a certain weight range for your height. Being within that range will give you better rates, though you can still purchase a policy if you’re a little bit over.

When you’re pregnant, your weight will increase as your baby grows. This is a good thing for your baby, but might be a big concern to your insurer. Get your spouse to do the needful in time before your weight increases because it will definitely impact on your insurance quote.

Other pregnancy-related conditions underwriters will look for include:

  • HELLP (a complex that includes hemolysis, dropping platelets, and elevated liver enzymes)
  • Eclampsia/pre-eclampsia
  • Acute fatty liver of pregnancy (AFLP)
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Postpartum depression

If underwriters discover that any of these things are present, be sure to receive a higher insurance quote as a pregnant woman.



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