27+ Interesting Facts About Car Insurance Policy That Can Save More Money For You

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Having some cool, fun and interesting facts about car insurance policy can help you save more money on your next insurance.

Beyond saving money, it can also help you have a deep and rich conversation with a fellow insurance agent or client when you attend industry events.

The auto insurance industry has been in existence for more than 100 years now. 

In the past 100+ years, we’ve recorded some of the most fascinating facts about car insurance that will make you laugh, smile, cry and even leap for joy.

These interesting, raw and dynamic facts about car insurance are going to blow your mind.


I’ve taken time to gather some interesting facts about auto insurance from the United States, the UK, Canada and even Australia.

Check these cool facts below:

  1. The Toyota Sienna Minivan has one of the lowest yearly car insurance premiums compared to all other cars.
  2. The Honda Fit EV will add free collision insurance to the entire lease period.
  3. The type of car you drive affects the way that you drive and your car insurance premiums.
  4. Purchasing a new car will ultimately increase your insurance premiums. Mercedes AMG GT R has an average insurance premium of $4,082 per annum.
  5. Did you know that an individual US state like Connecticut has a larger insurance market than some entire countries such as Brazil and Sweden?
  6. History has it that travelers Insurance wrote the first car insurance liability policy in 1897.
  7. A driver that is single will pay more on their car insurance premiums than their counterpart that is married.
  8. You will save more money on your premiums if you bundle your car and home insurance policy.
  9. The internet has made comparing insurance quotes super easy thereby helping policyholders to pay less in their insurance premiums.
  10. SIngle drivers don’t get enough discounts from all insurance providers because they are seen as high-risk individuals.
  11. The assessment of various risks by underwriters made it easy for good drivers to pay less for their car insurance policy.
  12. There are insurance policies focused on female-only drivers. They offer roadside assistance, coverage for stolen purses left in the vehicle, and other perks.
  13. Having an overspeeding ticket, poor credit score and a series of accidents in the past can affect your insurance rate.
  14. Having a clean driving record can help you save more money on your car insurance policy.
  15. Do not forget to transfer the ownership titles of your car after selling it because the person whose name is registered on a car will be held responsible when there’s a case of an accident, not necessarily the person driving the car at that time when the accident occurred.
  16. Although drivers under 25 have a higher risk and require higher premiums, not all insurance companies will drop rates just because someone turned 25.
  17. Paying for your car insurance premiums annually can help you save more money instead of paying monthly.
  18. Picking a lower deductible will also increase your premium due to risk.
  19. Engineers get the best car insurance rate in the United States.
  20. Where you live can affect your insurance premiums.
  21. Statistics have shown that the state of California has the highest auto thefts. But you can protect your car using anti-theft devices.
  22. Submitting false information in order to make a claim can land you in jail. It is regarded as insurance fraud.
  23. Do not forget to cancel your car insurance policy anytime you switch to a new insurance provider.
  24. Having an uncancelled car insurance policy can attract tons of negative reports.
  25. By shopping around for the best car insurance quote, you can reduce your cost.
  26. Establishing a good payment record with your current insurance carrier can help you get the cheapest and the most affordable car insurance provider.
  27. People who live in a “no-fault” state pay higher premiums for personal injury.
  28. Mississippi has the highest rate of uninsured motorists.
Fun facts about car insurance


What’s your opinion of these fun and interesting facts about car insurance policy? Have you heard about any of them? Now you have enough information about the car insurance sector that can help you kickstart a conversation in your next networking event.

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