The Largest Insurance Claims in the UK

Zonda Supercar Accident in Monaco
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There have been some very large insurance claims that have been paid in UK and the statistics is still growing which proves that insurance companies in UK are reliable and trustworthy. We have researched some data that outlines some of the largest insurance claims that was paid in UK. Some of these claims are health, flood and accident related.

Below Are Details of Some of the Largest Insurance Claims in the United Kingdom

Rowan Atkinson Accident

The comic actor bought his a McLaren F1 in 1997 for around £540,000. In 2011 he crashed the car and handed his insurance company £910,000 repair bill in what is thought to be the biggest-ever single car insurance claim.

Zonda Supercar Accident

Before the Rowan Atkinson’s payout incident, previous record for UK’s highest ever repair bill by an insurer was £300,000. The damaged zonda supercar is worth £528,000 which was on loan from its owner when the driver lost control of the wheels.

Zonda Supercar Accident in Monaco

UK 2012 Floods

The year 2012 was the wettest year on record in both England and Wales. The downpour resulted in the biggest flood insurance payouts for 5 years, since the last major floods of 2007. It is reported that almost 500,000 home and business owners and motorists were affected and they all made an insurance claims for the damage, with the average payout for a flood damaged property at £18,200.

It’s not just accident and floods that are on this list, we also have others coming from the health sector.

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5 of the Largest Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Claims in the UK

1. The 2018 West Herefordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

A six year old child admitted to the hospital suffered a brain injury as a result of a delay in the detection and treatment of the herpes. Sadly, the minor sustained permanent damage to his eyesight, cognitive function, communication and movement as a result of the delay and negligence.

The boy was awarded a claim in addition to annual tax-free payments to facilitate the lifelong care he requires. The total claim was in the region of £37 million.

2. The 2018 Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

A seven year old boy was left severely brain damaged following medical errors during his birth which resulted in his delivery being delayed and asphyxiation of oxygen occurring. Sadly, as a result of that error the child continues to suffer from acute mental and physical disorders which would otherwise have been avoided if proper attention has been given him.

The child was awarded a lump sum, in addition to recurring annual compensation payments increasing from £88,000.00 to £200,000.00 as the child’s age increases and his needs changes. The total claim was in the region of  £27 million.

3. The 2010 Great Ormond Street Hospital Insurance Claim

Ten year old Maisha Najeeb became the victim of severe medical negligence and clinical error. This was as a result of a simple error that occurred during surgery whereby a clinician mistakenly confused a syringe which contained glue with one which was medical dye. Sadly, the patient was injected with the incorrect syringe which caused permanent and serious brain damage.

The 2010 Great Ormond Street Hospital Insurance Claim in UK

Maisha is now blind in one eye, her movement is severely impacted with severe pain, and her life expectancy is believed to be cut short as a result of this error.

Her parents decided to take the hospital to court as their daughter would require life-long and around-the-clock care. Great Ormond Street Hospital admitted negligence and the family was awarded an initial claim of £2.8million, plus annual payments of £383,000 a year until she is 19. From the age of 19 on, payments will increase to £423,000 a year until her eventual death. The total claim will be around £24million if she lives to her mid-60s. 

4. The 2017 Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

A baby girl was left with Cerebral palsy as a result of errors that occurred during her birth in 2005. At the time of the award of this settlement, the claimant was already 12 years old and it was confirmed that she would continue to suffer from severe learning difficulties, epilepsy and life-threatening seizures for the remainder of her life.

A compensation of £23 million was awarded in a one-off payment, in addition to recurring annual payments that will be paid to ensure that her lifelong care would always be provided.

5. The 2018 Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

A child developed complications following an error in an operation to correct a malformed oesophagus, she was 5 months old when it happened. It was conceded that there had been a failure to adequately ventilate the child during surgery resulting in respiratory arrest.

Sadly, the child was severely brain damaged requiring ongoing care throughout her life and an upfront award was made in addition to a significant annual payment. The total claim was in the range of £19.8 million and the girl is now 18 years.


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