How Life Insurance Agents Can Get More Clients

Get more clients in your life insurance agency
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All successful life insurance agents have one thing in common. And that is, they know what it takes to get more clients than their competitors. To run a successful life insurance agency demands that you have steady clients who can afford whole life insurance or at least term life insurance at your own price.

You may want to run ads, talk to all the executives you know and furnish your office to a world-class standard but if you know little or nothing about what we are here to teach you (that’s how to get more clients), you will keep struggling to get more clients beyond the number you have today.

Get more clients in your life insurance agency

In the last few months we started this blog, My Top Insurance Blogs, we’ve had a couple of insurance agents send us emails in appreciation for the useful tips we share here. Recently, we even got a tip for it.

Why are we telling you that?

Simple. It’s to let you know that what we are here to share with you are so vital that if you implement them you will experience a radical increase in the way clients approach you for your professional service. In fact, you will start attracting clients instead of going after them.

If you’ve gotten to this point we want to believe that the questions on your mind now are, “How do I attract more clients to my insurance business? Are there things I need to start doing today to get more clients to my insurance agency?”

Starting with the last question, we say, YES to that. There are basic things life insurance agents can do to get more clients. Here they are:

Get Clarity on Who Your Target Audience Are

It’s true that we established in our previous post that life insurance is for everybody, but is it everybody that finally end up investing in life insurance irrespective of how important it is?

The answer is, no. In fact, you are mapped out for failure if you believe that everybody is your customer.

Anybody that can’t afford enough money to buy life insurance package is never your ideal clients. For your business to grow, you need to get paying customers. But if you target the wrong audience in your ads get set to lose everything.

Build a Website and Use It to attract Leads

In your life as a life insurance agent, if you don’t have a website or a system to collect leads, I bet you are leaving too much money on the table.

Marketing becomes easier when you have a website and an integrated email tool for receiving and autoresponding to messages. Often times, before a client finally settles in their mind to work with a particular life insurance agent, they would want to know what some of the best life insurance companies are.

If you need the services of a professional who will set up your own website and emailing system you can contact us, [email protected]

Create Irresistible Offers for Your Clients

What do you have that will make prospects interested in buying a life insurance package to leave other independent life insurance agents to come knocking on your door?

Think about that.

To get more clients to your life insurance agency, you must make them offers that no one else can. Make it so intimidating that your clients will feel so stupid to miss buying from you.

Whatever offer you choose to create must make it easy for your clients to identify insurance frauds any time they see one. Doing this goes a long way in helping to boost their confidence in your offer.

Create a Follow-up System That Works

Recall I told you to get a website and an emailing system that can be automated?

Yes, it’s important because it will help you very well in carrying out your follow-up effortlessly.

If you rent an office, furnish it, create different products and services, and generate some leads but if you don’t follow up those leads, you’ve succeeded in wasting your marketing effort.

When you follow up a prospect, it makes them to take you seriously. It gives them an understanding to what they will expect when they finally becomes your client.


No matter the number of clients under your belt currently, they are never enough. You can always get more clients if you don’t quit. There’s absolutely no limit to the number of clients you can have. As your client-base grows, your authority, confidence in your business and the insurance company as a whole also grows.

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