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Running a successful insurance blog is not a walk in the park. Of all blogging niches, the insurance niche is still one of the most competitive niches of all time. Though this might be closely related to the cost per click involved, but one thing is certain, you need to be an expert with stellar result for your blog to be known.

Today, we did a quick run on some insurance blogs to know what they are doing and of course report back to you guys. We hope you will find content very helpful.

NOTE: This does not mean that we endorse them, neither does it mean they are the best in the industry.


Smart Insure blog

The Smart Insure is a New Zealand based insurance blog operated and managed by Canfield Group. According to records, the directors of Canfield Group has been operating in New Zealand for the past 25 years.

Smart Insure not only offers insurance at a high quality at discount rates that will make you want to go crazy and overboard, but they also offer their clients sound advice that will help them make an informed and smart decision.

With Smart Insure, you can compare prices and policies of the 11 insurance companies in New Zealand and also get 30% rebate off your first premium year, specifically for life and income protection policies.

You can visit their website here: The Smart Insure.


Red Cedar Insurance Agency

The first line of the mission statement of this California-based insurance agency literary blew my mind. It has this level emotional tone that will easily sway you away.

Here’s exactly how they put it:

“Red Cedar Insurance Agency is focused on providing cost effective insurance and risk management programs to protect our clients’ personal and business assets as if they were our own.

That sentence in red got me so impressed with their entire blog.

As an independent broker, some of their core values you may like to know include, responsiveness, transparency, strong career partners and always adapting a methodical approach to solving their client’s problems.

Some of the professional associations in the United States they belong to include: Michigan State University Alumni Association, Detroit Chamber of Commerce and Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.

You may like check up their website here: Red Cedar Insurance Agency.


This insurance blog will help you compare policies and prices for free that suit your budget

If you are looking for an online platform where you can get instant insurance quotes for free, this is for you. Free Insurance Quotation has got you covered.

On their platform, consumers are given the opportunity to get free proposals for different insurance services and products. With just a click on insuring home, life, cars or home, you can choose the most sustainable one that fits your budget.

In their mission statement, they made it clear that their goal is to help consumers secure affordable insurance solutions from the comfort of their homes and at their best time.

Of course, you need not to be told that this will help you to save time, energy and money.

You can read up more about what they do: Free Insurance Quotation.


Boston ERISA

When it comes to discussing legal development in this two areas of litigation, ERISA and Insurance, I doubt any other blog can say it better than Boston ERISA and Insurance Litigation Blog.

In this blog, you will be told of the law of the First Circuit and Massachusetts and notable cases from other jurisdictions.

As far as these two fields are concerned, they are committed to sharing interesting cases and mind-blowing commentaries.

Some of the topics they discussed include but not limited to: 401(k) plans, Long term disability benefits, The hidden law of ERISA, Advertising injury, Insurance bad faith etc.

Would you like to check them up to know more? Visit: Boston ERISA and Insurance Litigation Blog.


Life insurance blogs you need to know

This United States of America based Insurance agency was established in 1994 by seven awesome insurance companies with the core purpose of educating the people on some vital insurance planning topics.

As a non-profit organization, Life Happens help Americans to take personal financial responsibility by owning their life insurance and other related products like disability and long-term  care insurance.

With the assistance of Life Happens as insurance professionals, businesses, families and individuals can easily find the best insurance products that fit their needs.

Though they don’t endorse any product or company but following their guideline will give you the best desired result you can be very proud of.

You have a lot you can learn from their blog about the insurance industry. Go to: Life Happens.

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