4 Major Factors That Influence Your Car Insurance Rates

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What are some of the key things a policyholder can do to reduce their car insurance costs?

Most of us have a general idea of the sort of factors that push up insurance rates on our cars.

We know that being young and a male can increase your car insurance rates, and we know that where we live can have an impact, whether that be a neighbourhood renowned for theft or just a big city with lots of traffic and tight car parks. We also know that our driving history influences the sort of money we must pay for car insurance.

If the above factors apply to you, you’re probably aware that these factors often can’t be changed or reversed, so you need to find other ways to bring down your premiums.

For those of you to whom these factors do not apply, you’re probably still keen to bring down the cost of your insurance because who doesn’t love a bit of extra pocket money. If you don’t, please write us a check.

Now, the first important point is: You don’t need to purchase an awful or boring car to get lower insurance.

There are plenty of places selling fantastic cars that won’t cost you an arm and a leg in insurance. Once you understand that you aren’t sacrificing great cars for the sake of insurance, then you’re ready to learn.

When you imagine a car with super low insurance rates, you’re probably imagining the sweetly named ‘nana car’ (no offence, Nanas): the very small, older, gadget-less car that is usually economic but not always exciting. If this is what you’re imagining then you’ll be surprised to discover that it is not always the case. Before approaching any car insurance company near you, we want to show you things you can do to arm yourself for a low rate.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Car Insurance with Low Rates

1. Safety Rating

A car with a good safety rating is, of course, going to have lower rates, but what makes a safe car? A car with all the gadgets of course! A car with traction control, airbags, automatic seatbelts, lane sensors, and automatic wipers – all the things that make driving safer and easier.

In this case, the small, gadget-less car does not win the insurance game. So, if you are yet to buy a car or you are considering changing your car, it’s important you are fully aware of the kind of car to buy so that the cost of insuring it won’t eat into your pocket.

Cars that are more likely to be stolen always comes with a higher insurance cost.


2. Vehicle Size

Larger cars have greater ability to withstand accidents, so if you purchase a car with a little more size your insurance rates will go down.

The engine size is taken into consideration, however, so if your car is an enormous and extremely powerful V8 you won’t be making any insurance savings. If you were to choose between a small car and a large car with the same safety rating, the large car would be cheaper to insure.

Major factors that will determine car insurance rates

If you are among the novice who might still want to know how a vehicle size can affect their car insurance rate, I advise that you consult with an independent insurance agent in your neighbourhood for detailed explanation; graphical evidences and documentary.

3. Likelihood of Theft

Unfortunately, some cars are more appealing to thieves than others which can be hard to predict, but again, gadgets will help you out.

If you have good locks and alarm systems your insurance will go down. You may think that the ‘Nana car’ is the least likely to be stolen, but one of New Zealand’s most stolen cars this year was the Mazda Demio.

I had a Mazda Demio. My own mother said to me upon my purchase of it, “It’s a bit of a Nana car, isn’t it?”. Thanks, Mum. Because these good locks and alarm systems reduce the tendency of your car to be stolen, they also influence your car insurance rates by lowering it.

You can protect your car from being stolen using some of the world’s most effective auto anti-theft devices.


4. Age of vehicle

Here is a prime example of not having to sacrifice a great car for the sake of lower insurance. In this case, it is the clean, fresh cars with the ‘new car smell’ that are going to have lower insurance rates.

A ‘younger’ car is less likely to be wrecked in a collision and will, therefore, have less collision repair costs.

Taking all those factors into account you can see that it’s possible to have a great car whilst making smart economic decisions and driving down insurance rates. Choose a younger, fresher car, with plenty of space and some nice gadgets to go along with it. You’ll enjoy both a great ride and great insurance rates.

Other Common Factors that Influence Car Insurance Rates

  • Driving record (See another post on how to get the best deal ever irrespective of your driving record.)
  • Age of the one going to drive the car. If the car is to be driven by a younger person, the insurance rate will be higher.
  • The gender of the one to drive the car also influences the rate.
  • The city where the car will be driven also affects the car insurance rates. Places like New York, Texas, Florida, etc with higher population density always have inflated rates.
  • Credit history
  • Claims history
  • Your previous insurance coverage also plays a key role.

Considering these factors alone are not the only ways to save money on your car insurance. You will need to also scout around in your city to find an insurance company with cheaper quotes.

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