How to Make $8 Per Lead from Allstate Affiliate Program

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Are you an insurance blogger, independent insurance agent/broker and somehow have a lot of friends and colleagues interested in buying auto insurance policy?

Allstate insurance affiliate

If your answer is, Yes, then I can assure you that you are in for a big game changer because Allstate Affiliate program has a package that can pay you $8 for every lead you generate for them.

What that means is that if anyone follows your recommendation of their insurance policy to fill a form and request for a quote, Allstate will pay you $8.

Imagine if your insurance blog generate an average traffic of 1000 unique visitors every day, in a day, if you have some copy skills, you can make 200 people to sign up through your insurance affiliate link.

That’s a total daily income of $1,600. In 30 days, you will cashing out $48,000 without selling anything. Of course, you know this is not the only way to monetize your insurance blog.

Are you ready to learn how to start making real money as an Allstate Affiliate partner?

Read on. I will show you how. But before then, let me tell you a little about Allstate.

About Allstate Corporation

Allstate is acclaimed to be the U.S. largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurer. They have different quotes for the auto, motorcycle and renters policies. Of all the cities in the United States, Allstate insurance do not underwrite in New York, Florida and California.

Until now, we are yet to find out why Allstate insurance don’t underwrite in Florida, New York and California.

How Much Does Allstate Affiliate Program Pay?

For everyone that signs up to get their quote through their affiliate link, they pay the online publisher as high as $8 and as low as $5, depending on the type of quote.

Auto insurance quote is $8 per lead, motorcycle insurance quote is $6 and renter’s insurance quote is $5. All these figures may look cheap but if you do the exact mathematics I did above, you will be excited for discovering this unique way insurance blogs make money online.

How to Become an Allstate Affiliate Marketer

To become a member of the Allstate affiliate marketing team, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Submit your Media partnership application form @ www.impactradius[dot]com/media-partners
  2. Complete your screening form of 4 stages that Impact Radius will subject you to
  3. Apply to become one of Allstate affiliate promoter by searching for Allstate within the Impact Radius marketplace
  4. When successfully submitted, Allstate will review and verify your application for 2 – 3 business days.
  5. If you are lucky to be accepted, choose from a library of text links and creative banner designs.
  6. Add affiliate link to your site
  7. Start pulling heavy traffic to your site.
  8. As they request for quotes, you will keep earning referral income.

Allstate insurance affiliate program

Please Note:

Do not use anything that represents the Allstate trademarks. Otherwise, you are disqualified.

If you need more assistance, send an email to

Inside the Impact Radius marketplace, you can find so many other companies in different niches. All you need is to register with them and start moving.

If you are outside the United States of America, please, select PayPal as your means of payment. Remember you can’t change the currency.

Do you have any question about monetizing your insurance blog?

See other insurance companies that offer affiliate program.

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