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Mentorship, Flexibility, and Family: How Entourage Agent Hub Can Help You Find Independence

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When I first started out as an insurance agent, I thought I had it made. I was helping people protect their livelihoods, investments, and loved ones, and I was working with senior agents and learning from their stellar examples.

But eventually, the well of mentorship ran dry, and so did my motivation. I knew the level of support, leadership and mentorship I received was critical to how much money I would make in the next twelve months, let alone the next seven days, but without a clear path forward, what was I supposed to do?

While there are some insurance agencies that offer a high level of support and training to their agents, that often comes with more controlling contracts and much lower commissions. That’s why I started the Entourage Agent Hub, which equips self-starting insurance agents with the tools, training and resources they need to succeed – without complicated structures holding them back.

Flexibility for Your Family as an Insurance Agent

One of the main things I think the insurance industry forgets is that agents are more than just their work – we have lives outside of our offices, and other priorities including our family, and the time we get to spend with them often rule the choices we make while at work. That’s part of why I crafted Entourage Agent Hub with the very specific “agent-first” philosophy that ensures every agent gets to prioritize their time to their own satisfaction.

A whopping 80% of insurance professionals feel undervalued at their agencies due to a lack of useful resources and growth opportunities. Most of the key challenges in the insurance industry can be traced to this. That’s why the Entourage Agent Hub is crafted specifically for self-directed agents who don’t need any prompting to grow and seek out new skills. Not only do we help you find the resources you need to take the stress out of your workday, but we also empower you to find that elusive work-life balance. 


Training, Tools, and Support for Every Insurance Agent

Where to find mentors as an independent insurance agent

From connections to social media platforms and weekly training calls to phone scripts and tips on guiding sales through common objections, the Entourage Agent Hub is specifically designed to support agents on their way to success. Consider us your mentors as you work to mentor customers and make a difference in their lives – often while they’re considering things that no one wants to think about, like property damage or the death of a loved one.

We also provide Entourage Agent Hub members with documents, new client worksheets, and how-to guides –– essentially everything I noticed was lacking in the industry when I first started out, and what I wish I’d had access to when first starting my career. I’m a firm believer in the “see a need, fill a need” approach, and I’m proud to have done that for the agents that join us through the Agent Hub.

Quality and Quantity

Remember that “agent first” philosophy? As part of that, I made it my top priority to ensure that the Entourage Agent Hub is one of the best training and resource hubs in the industry. From high-quality product and sales training videos, podcasts, documents and more, you can easily find anything you need to succeed in your field.

We also offer Agent Hub participants access to a 24/7 support line, which I feel is one of the best benefits the Entourage Agent Hub has to offer. While working in insurance is an extremely valuable and enjoyable career, it can often feel isolating to go at it alone – especially if you’re striking off on your own for the first time. If you need support, advice, or perspective, we want you to feel supported instead of isolated and encouraged instead of stifled.

The last thing I want is for any insurance agent – whether you’re new or an old pro in the industry – to feel isolated or stifled by our industry. If you love the idea of networking, value hard work, enjoy working with people and families to help them fulfill their financial goals, and want to control your own schedule in accordance with your needs and those of your family, the Entourage Agent Hub was designed with you in mind.


About Joshua Crisp

Joshua Crisp of Entourage Agent Hub
New Agent Hub is a mentoring program designed to help new insurance agents bring in a great income from day one of their careers. Founded by Joshua Crisp of Family First Life Entourage, New Agent Hub offers all the tools, training, and resources new agents need to thrive. For more information, visit 

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