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Most Read Insurance Blog Posts in 2024

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Note: We updated and republished this article to reflect our current reality.

In 2024, our insurance blog recorded a substantial degree of growth in terms of traffic and income as compared to the previous years but however, they weren’t what we should be proud of.

This was partly because our attention was divided between this blog and our parent blog, Entrepreneur Business Blog

As a way of appreciating our loyal readers, we have decided to share a list of our most-read blog posts in 2024. You may need to individually visit these insurance blog posts to see for yourself why they performed so well.

Here are the top 10 most-read pages on My Top Insurance Blogs:

  1. 7 Major Challenges Facing the Insurance Industry in 2024

In this article, we talked about the various challenges and risks insurance providers, agents and policyholders face both in the developed countries and developing countries. Read more.

  1. Insurance Companies That Offer Affiliate Programs

Is it possible to make money online selling affiliate products owned by insurance companies? The answer is yes. We listed out various companies offering insurance affiliate marketing programs. Read more.

  1. Business Insurance Coverage for SaaS Startups

Are you aware that your SaaS startup also needs business insurance coverage? We outlined the various types of business insurance options that your software company will need and why. Read more.

  1. 70+ Best Insurance Blog Post Ideas Nobody’s Ever Thought About

Here you will see a comprehensive list of blog post topics in various categories that you can easily swipe and start getting huge traffic to your insurance blog. Instead of stealing other people’s blog posts like some amateur blogs like do, you can use any of these topics we share in this trending blog post. Read more.

  1. How Do I Get Geico Referral Discount?

Everyone needs a discount. It doesn’t matter how rich you are. Geico insurance users are looking for a referral discount each time they refer a friend to get their company. Read more.

  1. Which Life Insurance Policy is Best for You?

How do you know the right life insurance policy to purchase? Are they factors to look out for? In this article, we shared different life insurance options and how to decide which one to go for. Read more.

  1. List of California-Based Auto Insurance Companies

Are you looking for auto insurance companies based in California that you can buy your policy from? If yes, you can have access to our selected list of car insurance. Read more.

  1. Insurance Blogs that Accept Guest Posts and How to Apply

A smart and ethical way to build backlinks to your blog and boost your brand visibility is to guest post on authority blogs. If you are in the insurance niche you would like to know insurance blogs that accept guest posts and how easy it is to guest post on their platform. Is this what you are looking for? We’ve made the journey super easy for you. Read more.

  1. 4 Major Factors That Influence Your Car Insurance Rates

What is your current car insurance rate? Do you know that there’s something you can do to influence your car insurance quote to a reasonable extent? In this article, we explained four key factors that can influence your car insurance rates whether you are in the United Kingdom, the United States, UAE, Australia or any other part of the world. Read more.

  1. How to Start an Insurance Agency Business from Scratch

Ever thought of starting your own insurance agency and you don’t have all the money in the world, to begin with? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all figured out. When you read this article, you will learn exactly how to launch your own insurance agency business on a shoestring budget. We also discussed how insurance companies make money.

Which of these insurance blog posts on our blog have you read? If you’ve not, you can do so now.

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