3 Serious Pet Insurance Mistakes You Must Avoid (Especially #3)

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Pet insurance mistakes are common these days because most pet owners no longer pay attention to their “best friend.”

Before we dive deep into some of the most frequent pet insurance errors today, let us first and foremost understand what pet insurance is and how to get an affordable pet insurance quote.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a form of health insurance pet owners purchase for the sake of covering the costs of treating unexpected injuries and illnesses of their pets.

When you get the best pet insurance policy from an insurer near you, it helps to lessen the overall costs of expensive veterinary bills.

For every single time you treat your insured pet, the health care policy you bought for the pet reimburses an amount within the limit of your policy.

How does pet insurance work? The way it works is to help you pay for unexpected injuries and illnesses by reimbursing the pet owner 70% to 100% of the veterinary fees.


What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Knowing what is covered by your policy can help you avoid some of the most common pet insurance mistakes.

Below are the key things a reasonable pet insurance policy will cover:

  • Unexpected injuries/accidents
  • Unexpected illnesses
  • Surgery
  • Medication
  • Tests/diagnostics
  • Emergency exam fees

3 Common Pet Insurance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here are the top pet insurance errors you must make when you want to adequately insure your pet.

1. Ignoring the importance of pet insurance

The primary reason why most pet parents don’t purchase a pet insurance policy for their pet is that they don’t think it’s important until their pet gets injured or becomes ill.

The best time to purchase adequate coverage for your pet is now that they are still young and healthy. Waiting until they become old, ill, or get involved in an accident will only make you pay more for your pet insurance coverage.

2. Always looking out for the lowest pet insurance premium

Because the monthly premiums of a pet insurance policy are low doesn’t make it the best package for you. Oftentimes, the coverage of low premium packages afford is always limited.

Before purchasing a policy from any insurer, here are the pet insurance frequently asked questions you must seek answers to:

  • Will this policy at this monthly premium cover chronic conditions for the life of your pet? Or will a condition be considered pre-existing once the policy renews for an additional year?
  • Will the policy cover treatments your vet recommends, like MRIs, chemotherapy or hip replacement surgery, even if it is for a genetic condition?

You wouldn’t want to end up paying heavy veterinary bills for an illness peculiar to your breed of pet.


3. Purchasing policies that don’t offer full coverage as a standard plan

There are tons of fraudulent insurance companies out there. Why we consider them fraudulent is because they deceive policyholders into purchasing policies that don’t offer full coverage as standard.

They may claim to offer things like hereditary conditions or cancer in their pet insurance standard plan but when you read carefully through their terms and conditions, you will discover that you may need to buy additional coverage.

When comparing pet insurance quotes from different providers, ensure that the monthly premium includes full coverage for hereditary and other diseases as standard. 

Pet Insurance Errors that Could Lead to Rejected Claims

Pet insurance claim rejected

When you purchase a pet insurance policy and fail to read the terms and conditions, that single mistake can lead to a rejected claim.

One in every three pet insurance claims is rejected causing pet owners to pay millions of dollars for rejected claims.

According to a report from, reasons cited for rejection include the policy not covering the treatment (44%), insurers claiming it was a pre-existing condition (23%), that the pet was too old (14%) and the fees and treatment costs were too high (9%).


Steady rejection of your pet insurance claims by insurers is one of the biggest challenges facing the insurance industry today and the only way to overcome it is to only work with reliable pet insurance companies near you.

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