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Privacy Policy

Here on My Top Insurance Blogs, we take your privacy serious. We are very conscious of how we use personal information you share with us.

Routine Information Collection

It’s important that we inform you that all web servers track basic information about visitors on any site, including that of My Top Insurance Blogs. The information tracked by web servers include: browser details, internet protocol addresses, referring URL and timestamps but none of these can actually give the personal identity of visitors. So My Top Insurance Blogs does not have your personal identity except the ones you share with us.

Except on your request or that of the court (for legal purposes), My Top Insurance Blogs will not release personal information you share with us or rent it as a sort of money making venture.

Cookies and Web Beacons

This site does not use cookies in any way to store visitors’ preferences and history. However, advertising partners and other third party agents may be using cookies and web beacons for proper targeting of the adverts that get to you. How it works is that when you visit our site (My Top Insurance Blogs), this web beacons collect information from you such as, your internet protocol address, internet service provider, browser details and presence or absence of flash.


Any information communicated through this platform can only be passed on to a third party based on two things: (1) If continuously keeping it secret will harm the reputation, right and property of, (2) If it is required by a court of competent jurisdiction. In tracking and analyzing our growth, we do not rely on personal information shared by our website users but that of Google analytics. As a way to monetize this blog and save our readers time, energy and resources, we shall be endorsing affiliate products, insurance companies and agents on this blog. So don’t be pissed off when you read any of these.

DoubleClick Dart Cookies

We may also have DART cookies for ad serving through Google’s DoubleClick. We also may desire to use DART cookies for Ad running on our site through DoubleClick, which automatically places a cookie on your computer or mobile device when you are browsing the web and when you visit a site using DoubleClick advertising.