QBE Car Insurance Reviews

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Before we discuss the QBE car insurance reviews in detail and how to get an affordable policy from QBE, lets first and foremost look at a brief background information about QBE insurance.

Brief Background About QBE Insurance

QBE which was originally called the North Queensland Insurance Co. is an Australian-based insurer and one of the biggest insurance providers in the world.

With an annual revenue of over US$11.650 billion and employment capacity of 11,700 people in over 27 countries across the globe, QBE is focused on general insurance and reinsurance.

Since QBE was started with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, they have grown to become the largest ASX Listed Insurance company by both gross written premium and market capitalisation.

To learn more about the history of QBE and the full meaning of the acronym, QBE, read this article about the largest insurance company in Australia.


How to Get an Affordable Car Insurance Policy From QBE

A smart way to get the best deal and discount on your QBE car insurance policy in Australia is to get their comprehensive car insurance coverage. 

QBE comprehensive car insurance coverage is the highest level of cover for drivers in Australia because it covers the following: towing costs, weather damage, accident damage, fire and theft, replacement of stolen/missing keys and recoding lock, damage to other people’s properties, a 3-year new car replacement if you’ve driven less than 60,000kms and many more.

When you want to compare car insurance quotes in Australia, we would advise that you check the fully comprehensive car insurance cover of QBE insurance before making your choice.

Here are the available QBE auto insurance discount offers you can access today if you are looking for an affordable car insurance policy in Australia:

  • Good student discount
  • Proactive customer discount
  • Longevity discount
  • Accident/violation-free discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Passive restraint discount
  • Paid-in-full discount

QBE Insurance offers many payment options such as online payments, electronic funds transfer from a bank account and credit card billing, making it extremely easy for any QBE car insurance quotes to be processed.


QBE Car Insurance Reviews

Before jumping on any of the available QBE car insurance discounts, you need to be aware of what customers, existing policyholders are saying about QBE car insurance to be sure their services are actually worth your money.

Just like every car insurance company in Australia and across the globe, they have got both positive online reviews and negative ones too.

The QBE car insurance negative review that actually caught our fancy is that they canceled a policy without informing the policyholder – this can never happen in California because California state law forbids insurers from canceling a policy midterm.

Do not pay for any of their insurance policies until you are sure that your underwriter has fully explained all the details of the policy to you. No matter the problems underwriters face in developed countries, they need to give their customers 

How much does QBE car insurance cost? You won’t know this by mere guessing because premiums change from time to time depending on some of the key factors that influence car insurance rates. However, you can still get to know what the QBE car insurance cost is by simply getting a quote.

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