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7 Tough Questions You Must Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring Them

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You’ve taken hours, days or even months researching about the top-rated personal injury lawyers near you and now you are ready to hire one to help you get your medical, accident or psychological injury claim caused by someone else’s negligence but you are wondering if he is really the best fit for this job, we have got something amazing to share with you.

We have combined a non-exhaustive list of 10 tough questions you need to ask your personal injury lawyer before allowing him to take up your injury case.

Of course, you must not forget that it is a red flag for any compensation claim specialist to mount pressure on you regarding your personal injury claim. If that happens, then you need to step down and seek further recommendations from trusted friends and family members.

If you are on the page, you need to know exactly why and when you should call a personal injury lawyer for your case.

Quite a good number of these legal executives are willing to offer you a free consultation. Such an opportunity gives you the liberty to ask tough questions before deciding to hire them.

Here are 7 tough and critical, yet important questions you need to ask your personal injury lawyer (legal representative) before hiring him: 

1. Have you worked on a similar case before?

 When filing a personal injury claim that will actually get approved the best person to guide you is a personal injury lawyer. As a compensation claim specialist, they understand the ins and out of your case.

But before you hire any legal representative for your personal injury case you need to ask him if he has worked on a similar case before. 

Assuming you were emotionally abused and you are filing for a psychological injury claim or you had an accident in a factory that rendered you disabled due to a faulty industrial machine caused by the negligence of your employer, you will stand a better chance of winning the claim if your personal injury lawyer has worked on a similar case in the past.

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2. How long is my personal injury case going to take?

Most lawyers work on as much as 200 cases at the same time, especially if they are perceived to be one of the best personal injury attorneys in the United States or they have proven track records of winning multiple cases.

Working with such a lawyer can be a good thing but it also comes with its own disadvantages. You need to discuss it up-front, how long your case is likely to take before committing to them. You wouldn’t want to be fed with excuses upon excuses why your claim is not yet approved.

Before hiring a personal injury lawyer you need to be sure he is available to give full attention to your case. If you interview the attorney and discover that he’s too busy, keep off. Whether you are in Denver, Florida or California, you will always find a good and professional personal injury lawyer new you.

3. What types of cases do you often take?

Because a compensation claim specialist has helped someone who had an industrial accident win a case doesn’t mean he’s also qualified to stand for you when you have a dog bite.

These cases are two worlds apart. Personal injury lawyers always have area(s) of specialization. You need to ask him to be sure you are dealing with the best expert on your case.

Of course, consultation is free, so nothing should stop you from asking this very important question. Why free consultation work with injury lawyers is because they only get paid when you win your personal injury case.

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4. If I lose, who pays for all the case-related costs?

To think that all injury lawyers only get paid when there they win a case is being economical with the truth. Some personal injury lawyers demand that you cater for all the case-related costs alongside the contingency fees.

Don’t assume anything. Ask your personal injury attorney this tough question of “who bears the case-related costs?” before proceeding to hire him.

5. What is my case worth?

Left to judge by yourself, you are likely going to make two costly mistakes; either you quote a compensation figure that is unrealistic or you grossly undervalued your claim. If you make any of these two personal injury case mistakes, you will hate yourself for it.

This is why you need to inquire from your personal injury lawyer what your case is worth.

The factors considered in evaluating what a personal injury case is worth are the discovery, liability, and preexisting medical issues. These factors can affect the verdict or settlement offer of your personal injury case.

Be careful of attorneys that make estimates that are totally unrealistic, especially when you have compared multiple personal injury lawyers near you.

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6. Do you have a track record of success? If yes, can I speak with your past personal injury client?

Lawyers with a track record of success will always be willing to refer you to at least one of their satisfied clients to see for yourself what working with them looks like.

Relying on mere testimonials on their website is one of the worst mistakes you will make when choosing a personal injury lawyer. If a lawyer is reluctant to give you references, then chances are, their past clients don’t have a good report working with them.

7. What is the possibility of winning this case?

It’s said that you can’t be a judge in your own case. It therefore implies too that you can’t always win all cases in life but it is always better if you only engage in the ones your chances of winning will be certain.

Before you hire a personal injury attorney you need to ask this question of whether you are going to win the case or not. When you throw the question at him, sit back and watch how he responds.

If he does not speak with confidence regarding your possibility of winning the case, then you need to start looking for another compensation claim specialist near you.

If you are in any part of the United States, go on Google and search for, “Personal injury lawyers near me” and you will see a full list of attorneys that can help you.

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Questions You Must Your Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring Them

It’s always important to sample opinions of different personal injury lawyers who are best qualified for your case before choosing one to work with. By asking them these vital questions, it will also reveal to you who has your best interest at heart.

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