The Quick Guide to Getting a Loan for a Small Business in Singapore

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What is the step-by-step guide to getting a loan for your small business in Singapore?

In a business, all company owners need to deal with multiple challenges and hurdles. The biggest thing is related investments. Without enough investments, no one can commence, operate, and succeed in the business goals as they want. 

Here, the needy ones start looking for other options by which they can get the desired amount of money to proceed with business ideas. In this condition, it is good to pick the urgent cash loan Singapore options.

A loan is one of the best, reliable, and most trusted ways of getting funds for your small business in Singapore. Everyone does not know how to apply for the loan or what the best way of proceeding is. In case you are interested in gathering more information about all these things, you should be focused on the upcoming details.

How to Get a Small Business Loan – A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Type of Loan

When it comes to applying for a business loan, you will get multiple options. The type selection is completely dependent on the applicant’s requirements. Loan type will affect lots of factors, such as – loan length, amount, repayment policy, special terms & conditions, and so on. Before choosing the type of loan, you should be focused on the following factors.

Business Requirements

Firstly, you should pay attention to the business idea and its complete plan of execution. It is the only way you can figure out how much capital or funds you really want. During this particular evaluation, you should also consider some business professionals who can help you analyze everything and come up with correct figures to proceed.


Business Goals & Operations

Another big factor is your business goals and operations. All companies are formed by keeping some specific goals in mind. For achieving such goals, the companies need to be focused on different types of activities or operations. When it comes to the company’s operations, the owners need funds for employee payments and everything. You should take that into consideration as well.

Repayment Policy, Procedures, & Period

Loan repayment is a big thing for all users or people who are availing of the loan facility. The main factors are policy and period. The loan repayment period also affects the installment money. Before choosing a loan, you should be aware of that as well. If the loan period is small, you need to focus on paying money monthly.

These are some key factors that you should take care of while choosing the type of loan. Here, you should pay attention to the rate of interest.

Steps to getting a loan for a small business in Singapore

Step 2: Business Qualification

Every time, things will not end with the final decision of choosing the type of loan. In some cases, the companies face rejections on loan applications because of a lack of capacity. Before proceeding further, you should pay attention to some other elements, such as – eligibility criteria for the loan application. Not all small businesses will be capable of getting a loan easily in Singapore.

In case someone cannot fulfill the eligibility criteria of the loan application, it will lead to rejections only. Here, you need to be focused on several factors. You should try to check out your business carefully and make sure it is qualifying the loan terms.

·        Credit Score

·        Business Period

·        Earning Potentials

·        Upcoming Year Predictions

Make sure your business credit score is high and well-maintained. Your company is working for industry for a long period with successful and profitable records. Along with it, you need to provide some predictions for upcoming years by using your professionals and business analysts.

Step 3: Determination Of Repayment Capacity

In case you are fully eligible for loan application and approval, you should be focusing on the company’s repayment capacity. Based on this particular factor, you can decide how much money you can borrow the maximum, and how long you can keep it. In case you try to get more money from the sources than monthly repayment capacity, it will create unfavorable conditions in the future.

Lack of the capacity to pay installments can become a reason for overdue installments. Missing installment repayments on time can affect the credit score as well.

Step 4: Business Collateral

Basically, there are two types of loans offered by financial institutions, such as – secured and unsecured loans. When it comes to unsecured loans, the companies or applicants don’t need to showcase any kind of property or strong proof for loan repayment security. Generally, the chances of getting these types of loans issued are too less.

Most financial institutions in Singapore don’t provide the option of unsecured loans because they are afraid of bad debts in repayments. It is the main reason why the options of secured loans are always available. In the case of secured loans, the applicant has to provide repayment security in the form of collateralized properties.

Here, the applicants have to mortgage an asset of equivalent or higher value than the loan amount. If users fail to repay the loan amount or start delaying or missing repayment installments for long, this mortgaged property will be used for recovering money. For such a task, the institution considers multiple ways, such as – specific contracts, open property auctions, etc. You should figure out the business collateral policy of fund providers.


Step 5: Documentation

After finalizing the decision and choosing a final option, you should proceed with the loan application procedure. Documentation is the biggest thing in the complete process. In case you miss documentation, it may become a reason for several issues, such as – application rejection, tagged faulty, etc.

  • Business plan
  • Business legal documents
  • Business financial statements
  • Business and personal tax returns
  • Business and personal bank statements

These are the major documents you need to provide while applying for the loan. Taking help from professionals can be useful in keeping things perfect and proceeding with appropriate documents.

Step 6: Submit The Application

Now it’s time to fill up the application and proceed further. Once you have done with the documentation and all, you should proceed with the submission of the application. It is complete that you should follow for filling an urgent cash loan Singapore application and getting final approval. In case you have any problem or confusion regarding loan application and related factors, you should contact finance professionals and sort things out.

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