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Root Insurance Company
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Rootr Car Insurance is one of the cheapest car insurance companies in the United States and their insurance offerings are uniquely based on the Root insurance mobile app. 

The Root Insurance mobile app is used to monitor the driving of intending policyholders during a test-drive period. 

During the test drive period, the app tracks the driver’s driving habit and sets up a rat based on a driver’s performance. 

While other car insurance companies provide usage-based programs as add-ons, Root bases its entire business model on this system. 

With the test drive approach, it is not possible to peg Root Car Insurance rates or come up with an estate of how much the Root auto insurance policy will cost. Deciding any of the above would be an aftermath of the test-drive period.

One guarantee spelled out on the insurer’s website is that it helps saves up to 52 percent of normal insurance costs. 

All that there is to getting insured by Root is to do well during the test-drive period. The app monitors your driving habit and it is the primary factor between getting insured and not.

A major drawback in the almost awesome portfolio of Root is its below-average customer service. I would talk about that just after I give you a background of how Root Insurance started. 


About Root Insurance

Root Insurance Co. was founded in March 2015 by Alex Timm and Dan Manges in Columbus, OH, United States. 

It currently serves car insurance to persons living in 30 states including California, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.

This year 2020, Root Insurance generated over 200 million US dollars in revenue and employed over 900 staff. 

The insurance company requires drivers to download the Root mobile app and perform a test drive for 3 weeks while the app monitors their driving habits. 

Drivers who did poorly as determined by the telematics technology used in accessing their driving habits will not be insured by Root. 

Is Root Insurance Legit?

Yes! Root Insurance is legit. 

They have been on the car insurance scene for five (5) years now and they wouldn’t have lasted this long if they were not. 

Root Insurance Test Drive

The test drive is what decides if you would get insured by Root. Here is how it works.

Intending policyholders will have to download the Root Insurance app and sign up to create an account. 

The begin the test drive and the app monitors their driving, allocating scores based on these factors: 

  • How frequently and hard you apply brakes 
  • How you turn while driving
  • Your phone usage while driving
  • Time of the day you drive in

You may be wondering what the last factor is about. Well, different times in the day have been grouped into safe and unsafe driving hours. 

If you drive more during unsafe driving hours, chances are you may not get insured by Root. 

You do not need to log in to the app before it begins tracking your driving. Once you have installed it and allowed location permission, you are good to go. 

Not driving? 

The app knows when you are not driving thanks to its machine-learning algorithm. It detects when you are cycling or on a bus and hence does not track in such scenarios. 

As you drive, you can always log in to the app to check your progress and see how well you are doing. 

In three (3) weeks you should be done with the test drive and if your score is good enough, you will be insured by Root. 


Root Homeowners Insurance 

Root offers homeowners insurance but you first have to own a Root car insurance policy before you can purchase its homeowners’ insurance. 

Policyholders get to enjoy a discount when they bundle their homeowners and car insurance. 

With the Root homeowners insurance, you enjoy protection on your home, family, third-party, and belongings. 

Root Renters Insurance 

You can purchase the Root renters insurance without having an auto insurance policy with the company. 

Like the homeowners’ insurance, Root offers a 5 percent discount when you bundle the renters’ insurance with your auto insurance. 

Root Insurance Customer Service

The Root customer service has not enjoyed positive reviews in recent times. And as you know, poor customer service will make filing claims somewhat difficult. 

Nevertheless, one can make do with their customer service when we put other lofty benefits into consideration. 

The Root customer service number is 866-980-9431 and it is the number to call when filing a claim. 

To inquire about an existing claim, call 866-489-1985 anytime from 9 am to 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays. 

Root Mobile App 

The Root mobile app is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. 



Root is an option for “high-risk drivers” especially young adults who would be highly charged by other insurance companies. 

For those looking for quick quotes and specialized coverage, Root may not be a good choice. 

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