Secrets Nobody Tells You About Mercury Insurance Group

Things you need to know about mercury insurance group
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Mercury Insurance Group which is currently headquartered in Los Angeles was started in 1961 by George Joseph as a low-cost alternative to larger insurance companies in California. This was after the founder had worked for a decade in the insurance industry.

In April 1, 1962, Mercury General Corp. as it was called then sold her first insurance policy. By 1970, Mercury Insurance had written its $1 million in premiums in a month.

In 972, Mercury Insurance Group sold its first homeowners policy and by 1973, they were already celebrating their 10th year of consecutive growth in revenue.

Mercury Insurance Group slogan is “Mercury provides everything you need in an insurance company.”

Evidence gathered on the company website gives credence to the fact that the company has helped a lot of Californians to save cost on their policy.

Owing their tight underwriting and efficient handling of claims, Mercury Insurance Group has assets of over $4 billion and they are no sign of slowing down.

Some of the comprehensive insurance products that Mercury Insurance Group sells include: business insurance, personal auto, homeowners, renters, mechanical breakdown protection, etc.

Mercury Insurance Group currently provides insurance policies in only 13 states across the United States.

Here are the states in America where Mercury Insurance Group has a branch: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, etc.

On the customer portal of their website, customers can manage their total relationship with Mercury Insurance Group. This include but not limited to paying their bills, seeing their policy and requesting for any further help whenever needed.

Everything you need to know about mercury insurance group

Customer Portal Inside Mercury Insurance Group Website

Owing to the company’s high net worth, customers trust so much in Mercury’s ability to pay claims and handle all financial obligations that might arise.

However, former employees who responded anonymously on Indeed said that the workloads and expectations from high ups at Mercury Insurance Group are too much and often “unreasonable.” You may still need to find out for yourself.

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