Southern General Insurance Reviews

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In your search for a good insurance company in the United States, you may come across Southern General Insurance but just before you jump into acquiring your insurance policy from this company, there are several things you should be wary of. 

One of the goals we are saddled with at MyTopInsuranceBlogs is to help you decide on which insurance policy and company fits you perfectly. 

We make recommendations based on how much credibility a company has showcased and the quality of the insurance policies they provide. 

Insurance in the United States is a fast-growing industry and there is a growing need for insurance covers for United States citizens. As the need for insurance rises, so does the number of insurance companies. 

With the large repository of insurance companies in the United States, you may find it difficult to set your mind on the best insurance company for what you desire to insure. 

This article is not going to show you an insurance company to patronize when you want to purchase an insurance cover but one you should avoid. There is no point deceiving you into buying insurance from a company whose credibility has been compromised. 

Southern General Insurance reviews have not been all perfect and seeing the expression of grievances by individuals who have worked with the insurance company in times past, it is crucial to spread the word of caution when dealing with Southern General Insurance. 

We took a look at all the complaints in Southern General Insurance reviews and we are certain the company has not lived up to expectation.


Before we go into the reviews and reasons why you should not buy your insurance policy from Southern General Insurance, let’s do a brief rundown on the company and what they are about. 

What You Need to Know About Southern General Insurance 

Southern General Insurance Company is a property and casualty insurance provider located in Marietta, Georgia, United States.

The insurance company claims to have over 200 employees scattered across all of its locations in the United States.  

With about 511 companies in the Southern General Insurance Company corporate family, the company generates US $43.15 million in sales. 

They offer underwriting of marine, casualty, and fire insurance. Their insurance coverage and reach is restricted to citizens of the United States. 

We have identified three (3) reasons which cannot be overlooked and discourage any dealing with this insurance company. These reasons are summed up as: 

  • Customer Service
  • Claims Resolution and 
  • Unprofessional Conduct 

Southern General Insurance Customer Service Number 

This happens to be one of the many reasons why you should not buy any form of insurance cover from this company. The Southern General Insurance customer service is completely flawed.

An important necessity and requirement that must be present in every institution, organization, or establishment is a working, excellent customer service. Sadly, that is something this insurance company lacks. 

Many customers report that their requests were not handled properly by the customer service at Southern General while some claimed they were unable to reach them and even after reaching them, the company failed to carry out the demands of its customers. 

We have outlined a couple of reasons based on customer reviews and complaints that should make you have a rethink before buying insurance from this company.


Southern General Insurance Claims Resolution

Claims resolution is the essence of every insurance company. The idea behind getting insurance is so that the effect of peril or unfortunate event will be cushioned. 

The cushioning effect is made possible when claims are paid to the insured on completion of premium agreement. There is no point in purchasing insurance when claims will not be paid. 

Reports, as seen in the southern General Insurance reviews, show that customers have had their claims unresolved months and some even years after filing their claims. 

Even after contacting their customer service, the insurance company gives insurance policyholders false hopes and never takes action. 

This has been the ordeal of several US citizens who purchased insurance policies from Southern General.


Unprofessional Conduct by Southern General Insurance Company

Lastly on the reasons why you must not buy insurance from Southern General is their unprofessional modus operandi and conduct. 

A user who probably canceled their car insurance with Southern General and bought from GEICO reported that his car was forcefully taken by representatives of Southern General. 

The car was taken from the tow yard without the knowledge of the owner. And all attempt to recover the car both by the car owner and GEICO insurance has proved futile. 


In a world where everyone is free to choose the services they subscribe to, one should not be coerced or deceived into signing up for something that would be detrimental to them. 

An insurance company should have a working customer service that responds effectively and efficiently to every complaint brought to it. 

They should also be quick in resolving claims and must not force customers to stay back, even after they have been poorly treated. 

Unfortunately, from Southern General Insurance reviews, we see that the insurance provider has failed in the aforementioned values.


Doing business with Southern General can be likened to walking on slippery grounds. If you need a property and casualty insurance company in the United States or a car insurance company, we have a detailed piece on where to find one. 

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