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How To Become a State Farm Insurance Agent

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You can become an insurance agent with one of the world’s leading insurance providers – State Farm. 

It takes about two (2) years to become a State Farm agent in the United Kingdom but the process is worth the wait. The process is separated in two with a 1-year internship program and an independent commitment year.

When you complete the two (2) years process, you become a State Farm agent. And your journey to joining the top 100 state farm agents will begin.

As an agent, you can decide to sell either home, auto, life, or any of the other insurance products State Farm is offering. 

This post is crafted to show you how to become a State Farm agent in the United Kingdom. 

You will find a more concise version of this post available in the “Agency Brochure” file on State Farm’s official website. 

Here, I will be showing you the steps to become a State Farm agent in the UK and who an insurance agent is. 


Who Is An Insurance Agent?

An insurance agent also knows as Insurance Sales Agent is saddled with the responsibility of negotiating types of insurance with clients in a bid to identifying the option that fits their needs. 

They are also expected to help the clients evaluate their needs and propose fitting insurance plans based on their coverage needs and financial status. 

Insurance agents work in any of the following capacities 

  • As agents of an insurance company 
  • As independent brokers 
  • Referring clients to independent brokers 

Now that you have a background on who and what an insurance agent is, let’s look at how to become one for State Farm in the United Kingdom.

How To Become a State Farm Insurance Agent in the United Kingdom 

Submit an Application

The first step to becoming a State Farm agent in the UK is to visit the State Farm Agency Career Track Program and submit an application. 

This will show your interest in joining State Farm as an insurance agent. 

Fill Out The Questionnaire 

After indicating your interest in becoming an agent with State Farm, you will be handed a questionnaire. 

It is important to note that the answers you provide on the questionnaire would be graded and if your score is not up to the required number, your application would be turned down. 

Your success in becoming an agent is particularly hinged on this point. If after reviewing your answers you are disapproved, you would need to wait for an entire year before applying again. 


Evaluation and Assessment 

When you pass the questionnaire hurdle, State Farm will assess and evaluate you. The evaluation is to check whether you have the necessary skill set, knowledge, and ability to be an agent. 

Proceeding to the next stage would be determined by how well you pass the assessment. 

Background Checks 

At this point, State Farm checks to see your work/education history, if you have a good credit report or a criminal record, and so on. 

This background check is done to make sure you are eligible for employment opportunities and that you meet the licensing requirements of the insurance market. 

Business Proposal Submission 

After you have learned to this point, you put everything to work. The business proposal submission is a time when you create and submit your business plan to your recruiting & sales leadership team. 

The proposal checks your readiness for the agency job and most likely validates it. 

Get Licenses 

You will need to have State Farm’s insurance product in the state where you are residing or the date you would like to have an agency opportunity. 

Compete For Positions

When you have gotten all the licenses and licensing required, you will be allowed to see, consider, compete, and ultimately land insurance agent opportunities across the United Kingdom. 


Finally, you will enter an internship program for product and leadership. After the internship program, you will undergo a field experience with an already established State Farm agent. 

After this is completed, you are now a State Farm insurance agent. 


Advantages of Becoming a State Farm Insurance Agent

The number one advantage of becoming a State Farm agent is that you get to enjoy the State Farm branding. You don’t have to tell people you sell insurance or you’re an insurance agent before they can recognize what you do. All you have to do is to tell them you’re a State Farm Agent and most people will know what you do.

Becoming a State Farm agent is also very helpful during your agency recruiting processes. Your employees will feel good to know that they are going to be working for a well known brand. This alone can eliminate most of the challenges agents face in the insurance sector.

Another benefits of becoming a State Farm agent is that the company pays for your licensing and also trains you on the basics of insurance. This is something that would have cost you a couple of thousands.

How much does a typical State Farm agent near me earn? Top earners earn as much as $41,000 annually.


State Farm is considered one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. They offer agency opportunities to people living in the United States.

With a presence in the United Kingdom, the same opportunities and possibilities exist. To start the process of becoming a State Farm agent in the United Kingdom, visit the State Farm website, fill out an application on the Agency Career Track Program or Contact a Recruiter. 

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