7 Steps to Your Auto Insurance Claim

Steps to getting your car and auto insurance claim approved
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What’s the process of getting your car insurance claim approved? What do you do when you get involved in an accident with an insured car?

Car accidents can’t be predicted but when it happens we must take necessary steps to ensure a quick recovery. What to do may not be known to many but that is why we’ve listed 7 practical steps to help you get your auto insurance claim.

1. Ensure Safety

When you’re involved in an accident the first thing you should do is move your car to the side of the road and look to see that everyone involved in the accident is okay.

2. Take a Basic Step

When you’ve looked out for everyone’s well-being, pick up your phone and dial 911. One more thing to do after a car accident is to exchange information with the police and your car insurance company, and don’t forget to take multiple photos of the vehicles.

How long it takes to get your car insurance claim paid depends on so many factors.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

The next thing to do is put a call through to your insurance company and get them informed of the accident. What happens next here will reveal a lot about your insurance company. If you are working with any of the corrupt insurance companies then you need to be extra careful.

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In some cases a claim adjuster from the insurance company will call you and ask you where your car is located; if your car is damaged, if anyone is hurt, etc. The insurance company wants to be sure that a tow shop isn’t making charges on your car due to its location.

If your car is at a tow yard, allow your insurance company to move it to their preferred body shop.

4. Don’t Record a Statement

Your insurance company will ask you for details about the accident. Just tell them the car parts that are damaged. Don’t allow them to record your statement because they may use it against you to reduce your indemnity and save some money for themselves.

Just answer their questions if you can. If you can’t, tell them to give you some days. The majority of these car insurance agents are trained to help their company save costs on claims.

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5. Take Advantage of Your Medical Insurance

If you or anyone is hurt in the accident please inform your insurance company. Tell them what you know, and if you are not sure if you or anyone is hurt, tell them that as well. You may have med pay coverage that settles the bills for treating injuries you sustained.

6. Choose Your Preferred Shop for Car Repair

The insurance company will recommend a preferred shop for you. The shop is meant to do some of the work for the insurance company. It’s best not to agree with them unless you get a recommendation of them from the people you trust.

The insurance company’s choice of car workshop has a form of agreement with them that favours the company more than you. Rather, choose your car shop yourself. At all costs, avoid all the car insurance mistakes you can think of that can potentially deny you your claims.

7. Never Agree Beyond Your Deductibles

After choosing your shop inform the insurance company so that their adjuster and the shop will reach an agreed price which the insurance company will pay them. They might try to charge you aside from your deductible, don’t agree.

Your insurance adjuster reaches out to you when you are involved in an accident not primarily for your good but to fulfill their responsibility in protecting the insurance company’s reputation. They may try different strategy with you in the claim and the purpose is often to save more money for the company. It’s your responsibility to be smart.

When things get out of hand, you may have to consider suing if your lawyer believes that it’s going to be in your favour.

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Most car insurance dispute process will not end in your favour if you are not smart, understand all forms of car insurance frauds and know a car accident attorney that can help you.

Austin Opara
Austin Opara is contributor to My Top Insurance Blogs and a freelance writer.

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