Things You Need to Know about Heacock Classic Car Collector Insurance

Classic car from heacock insurance
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Before you venture into insuring your car, home, health and what have you with an insurance company, it’s important you know a thing or two about the firm.

Today we shall be taking a deep look at how Heacock Classic Insurance Group started, what they are into, how to be their agent and what you should be expecting if you insure your asset with them.

How Heacock Classic Car Collector Insurance Started

Heacock Classic Car Collector Insurance; Florida, USA based insurance agency was started

in 1989 by Ford W. Heacock III. On March 1, 2016, they announced that they have been bought over by NSM Insurance Group but also noted that their model of operation has remained intact. Despite selling it, Mr Ford still remained as the great face of the company.


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Heacock Classic Insurance is known worldwide as a leader in the classic car insurance business. They offer their clients perfectly tailored insurance for their classic, vintage and antique vehicles.

Classic car from heacock insurance. Heacock classic

Heacock Classic Insurance Started as a Hobby

What began as a hobby in his early years has today become a world trending enterprise. Record has it that Mr Ford W. Heacock started falling in love with Collector Vehicle and Vintage Auto racing from an early age.

Heacock is the 2017 Official Sponsor of Trans Am

In 2017, Heacock Classic was privileged to be chosen as the official sponsor of Trans Am – an America’s Road Racing Series that started as far back as 1966.  On February 15, 2017, at Miami, Florida, the announcement was made.


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Heacock Insurance Has One of the Best Agents

Despite having a leader that is well experienced when it comes to Collector Vehicle, they still employ licensed agents that are very knowledgeable in growing a classic car insurance business. Collectible insurance is entirely different from other kinds of insurance. To become an industry leader here, your coverage must be just and special in a way.

The ability to use different valuation guide is one of the competitive advantage they have over their competitors – although Hagerty Classic Insurance does the same. To become one of the numerous Heacock Classic agents, please click here.

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