Top 3 Challenges Facing Insurance Industry and How to Overcome Them

How insurance industry can overcome their challenges

Running a successful insurance company is never without its own unique challenges. Just like every other field of business out there, brokers have lots of issues they battle with. They may not tell you this, but the truth is that so many of them are dying in silence.

Lack of trust, fierce competition and high-level mismanagement are some of the basic challenges insurance companies are facing today.

Challenges facing insurance industry are so enormous. Obviously, a single article won’t be enough to articulate all that the insurance companies pass through, especially as a highly competitive niche it is. However, lets see how we can bring all of that in 3 super subheads.

How insurance industry can overcome their challenges

Note: The essence of pointing out these challenges facing the global insurance industry is not frighten you but to inform you ahead of time of their capacity to ruin your business if you don’t do anything about them.

Having said all of that, lets quickly dive deep.

3 Challenges Global Insurance Industries Are Facing

1. Cyber Security

The insurance sector will probably be one of the hardest hit sector by cyber security in the insurance company or agent don’t do anything to protect vital data of insurers.

In fact, one successful attempt to hack the database of an insurance company is enough to make the insurance industry lose billions of dollars in a day. And at the long run, they will lose the trust of their insurers.

If you are in the insurance industry and you aren’t doing anything to proactively manage the threat of cyber incursion, be rest assured that your adverse consequences will be great one.

For any insurance broker or agent to get more leads that will soon turn out to become loyal clients, you must assure them that strategies are already in place to prevent cyberattack and that the personal information they shared with your company is safe.

What Can an Insurance Company Do to Overcome Cyber Security Problems?

  • Hire an experienced data
  • Use the best of web host
  • Make it easy for customers to report any form of attack they noticed.

2. Regulations

The insurance industry is bound with so many regulations by different regulatory bodies. Why this is so good to avoid some companies becoming tyrannical, it may also turn out to become a huge challenge. But in some areas too, the regulatory bodies are not as effective as it should – though it’s often rare.

First on our list of regulations that has turned out to become a great challenge to the insurance sector is the government regulation. While we know that this is good, it has invariably increased the cost of providing insurance through its restriction of underwriting practices and the encouragement of a third-party payer system.

Secondly, regulations that work in the auto insurance sector doesn’t work in the health insurance sector… same with life and travel insurance companies.

While we think this is nice, we also believe that it has radically increased the cost of providing insurance. So? If are new to the insurance industry beware that the government considers it illegal to use any criteria when making underwriting decisions.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Getting customers is easier, managing them beyond the transactional level into the relational level where they become loyal customers and mouthpiece of your insurance company is harder.

Insurers will have nothing to do with you anymore and are more likely to give your company a negative review if your customer service approach is zero.

With the rising number of insurance companies across the United States, it’s important that you think of more effective ways to attract new insurers, retain old ones and grow your relationship with them. Think of customer relationship management tools you can use to grow your business.

Constantly changing government policies is also another huge challenge faced in the insurance industry.

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  2. Hi,
    Topical article. As you rightly pointed out, a single article was never going to be enough to articulate all that insurance companies pass through.

    Another challenge insurers have to contend with, is insureds continually demanding improved service/performance in the form of number & quantum of claims settled.
    Intermediaries are therefore constantly under pressure to retain clients.
    These Brokers and Agents in turn make greater demands on insurers who risk losing business to competitors if they are not flexible thus making it more difficult to post underwriting profit.

    1. Thank you very much.

      We appreciate your kind words.

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