What Are the 10 Different Kinds of USAA Auto Insurance Discounts?

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Are you looking for the best USAA auto insurance discounts? Or you want to know how to qualify for USAA membership? This article has got you covered.

Before we talk about the various kinds of discounts offered by USAA auto insurance, let’s first and foremost look at who’s eligible for USAA auto insurance policy.

Who is Eligible for USAA Auto Insurance Discounts?

Generally, USAA insurance policies are open to active, retired, and separated veterans with a discharge type of “Honorable” from the U.S. military and their eligible family members.

Can a civilian get USAA auto insurance? The answer is yes and no. Here’s why. A civilian with no affiliation to military parents cannot have access to USAA insurance. However, if you are the child of a service member, your military parent will have to sign up for a membership with USAA in order for you to be eligible for membership.

If you are not affiliated with the military through direct family ties, you can’t have access to purchase USAA insurance policy. Check out some deep secrets we uncovered about USAA gap insurance most people aren’t talking about.


USAA auto insurance discounts and how to qualify

To further break it down, USAA membership is open to the following people:

  • Currently serving military officials – Anyone currently serving in the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, National Guard and Reserves are all eligible for USAA membership.
  • Former Military – Honorably discharged former members of the U.S. military who have retired or separated from the service all qualify for USAA insurance.
  • Family – Children, widows, widowers and unremarried former spouses of the military who already had USAA auto or property insurance while alive are eligible for it.
  • Cadets or midshipmen – Those at U.S. service academies, in advance ROTC or on ROTC scholarship, plus officer candidates within 24 months of commissioning.

What Proof Do You Need to Join USAA? 

The two major proofs that you will need to join USAA are your photo identification details like driver’s license, state-issued ID and passport, and your military verification documents like DD214 member 4 copy (include discharge type), discharge certificate, leave and earning statement (LES), military orders if you’re actively serving, NGB22 and academy appointment letter/ROTC contract.

What Are the Different Kinds of USAA Auto Insurance Discounts Offered in the United States?

Below are the top 10 discounts USAA auto insurance offers military personnel and their family members who qualify for this type of auto insurance policy.

1. Safe driver discount 

Safe driver discount is also known as premier driver discount. For you to qualify for this type of discount, you are required to have a clean driving record for more than five years. 

Having a spotty driving history automatically disqualifies you to access safe driver discounts. Young drivers who often get involved in accidents usually miss out on this.

The only state in the United States where safe driver discount is not available for USAA members is Hawaii.


2. Defensive driving discount

A smart way to get a defensive driving discount from your insurance provider is to take a defensive driving course. Once your class is approved by your insurer, you are automatically eligible to access this type of USAA auto insurance discount.

However, your USAA defensive driving discount becomes invalid or will remain unapproved if you get involved in an accident or are convicted in the past three years.

How much of a discount do you get for taking defensive driving courses? USAA auto insurance discount for defensive driving courses vary from 5% to 20%.

3. Driver training discount

Driver training discount is available to drivers who are under 21 who take a basic driver training course. Driver training discount does not work in Hawaii, North Carolina and New York. 

However, if you live in an eligible state, you could also save up to 20% with our safe driving program.

4. Good student discount

Applies to those who maintain good grades. Being able to maintain good grades can help you lower your auto insurance cost. USAA good student discount is not available in US states like Hawaii, North Carolina and New York.

When a teen driver brings back good grades, they will automatically become eligible for a good student discount. Check out some frequently asked questions about teen driving in the United States.

5. New vehicle discount

Kinds of usaa auto insurance discounts

A new vehicle insurance discount is available if your ride is less than three years old. Having a new ride can help you get a cheap car insurance premium. 

Although this USAA auto insurance discount is not available in New York but you can get it in other U.S. states if you qualify for it.


6. Multi-vehicle discount

Extends your coverage to two or more vehicles. When you insure multiple vehicles, you enjoy more USAA auto insurance discounts.

7. Annual mileage discount

Drivers over the age of 29 can get a price break based on the number of miles driven in a year. Not available in Hawaii and North Carolina. Consider checking out pay-per-mile car insurance.

8. Vehicle storage discount 

Offers premium savings of up to 60% off if you’re deployed and store your vehicle in a secure location. Vehicle storage discount is not available in Hawaii, North Carolina and Virginia.

9. Family discount 

Up to a 10% discount for former dependents under the age of 25 with clean driving records who were insured on their parents’ or guardians’ policy for a minimum of three years.

10. Military installation discount 

Get up to 15% savings on comprehensive coverage when you garage your vehicle on base. Not available in New York. In California, this discount also applies to collision coverage.


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