What Are the Pre-existing Conditions Exclusion for Pet Insurance in the U.S?

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What counts as a pre-existing condition for pet insurance?

Illness, bruises, behavioral concerns, and congenital health problems are just some of the healthcare needs that can be covered by pet insurance. Certain pre-existing conditions can be excluded from coverage by pet insurance companies.

Essentials of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a sort of coverage intended specifically for pet owners. This sort of insurance is most commonly used for cats and dogs, but it can also be used for a wider range of animals. Ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, potbelly pigs, and exotic birds, for example, may all be covered. There are three main levels of coverage available for pet insurance:

Basic Coverage

Pet owners with basic pet insurance have the least amount of coverage. It could be confined to things like mishaps, poisonings, and specific ailments.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive pet insurance protects your pet against a wider range of illnesses and medical expenses. A comprehensive plan, for example, may include coverage for x-rays and lab expenses.

Protection for your pet’s health

Preventive care, including physical exams, flea and heartworm treatment, and vaccines, are usually covered by this sort of pet insurance.

Annual coverage restrictions and annual deductibles are possible with pet insurance. This sort of coverage, on the other hand, reimburses pet owners for covered expenses rather than charging a monthly payment. The amount reimbursable and the expenses covered are determined by the pet insurance policy’s terms.


Pet Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions

Pet insurance policies can be very specific, in terms of what’s covered and what’s not. A typical policy, for example, may cover the following:

  • Accidental injuries
  • Illness
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions
  • Alternative therapies
  • Behavioral issues
  • Chronic conditions
  • Prescription medications
  • Prescription food and supplements
  • Microchip implantation

Pre-existing conditions, cosmetic operations, and breeding fees are among the things that aren’t covered. Pre-existing conditions are injuries or illnesses that exist before the start of a pet insurance coverage or during the waiting period. Pre-existing conditions can include the following:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Infections
  • Diabetes\sAllergies
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Cancer

A pet insurance company’s decision on whether or not to cover a pre-existing ailment is based on whether it is treatable or incurable.

How to Get Pre-Existing Conditions Pet Insurance

How to Get Pre-Existing Conditions Pet Insurance

Pre-existing conditions will not exclude your pet from receiving health insurance. However, any pre-existing conditions may be excluded from coverage or be subject to coverage limitations.

A complete medical exam is an excellent first step if you have a pet with a pre-existing ailment and wish to purchase pet insurance. This allows a veterinarian to uncover any potential health conditions, whether pre-existing or not, that may make it more difficult for you to qualify for pet insurance. You can also discuss with your veterinarian which pre-existing illnesses are treatable and which are incurable.

Comparing pet insurance options is the next step. Keep the following in mind when looking for pet insurance:

  • What is and is not covered, including pre-existing conditions
  • Insurers are classified in a variety of ways. Treatment-able vs. incurable pre-existing disorders
  • Annual coverage limits
  • Amounts that can be deducted each year
  • How much do you get reimbursed for your pet’s medical expenses?

It’s also worth thinking about whether it’s a smart idea to insure a pet with pre-existing conditions. On the one hand, you might be able to get coverage for additional medical expenses like routine preventative care or accidental injuries. However, any savings and reimbursement you receive for such items may be exceeded by out-of-pocket costs for other things.



Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular as more people want to ensure that their dogs are protected. In 2020, it is predicted that 3.1 million pets would be insured by pet insurance coverage.  When your pet has a pre-existing ailment, pet insurance can still be a good investment, but you should weigh your options carefully.

When in doubt, contacting pet insurance companies directly to inquire about pre-existing condition coverage can be beneficial. You can also compare rates for numerous pet insurance policies online to discover how much it will cost to insure your pet. The cost of your dog insurance policy depends on your policy excess and the type of dog you have.

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